3 Type Of Office Chair Cushion Foam Seating

Office Chair Cushion Malaysia

A office chair foam seating is refer to office chair cushion.

Office Chair Cushion Malaysia
Office Chair Density Foam

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Normal Density Foam Seating

In Malaysia, normal density foam is the most common type of office chair cushion density foam seating chair. A Density for Normal Density Foam is 24. In term of pricing and temperature neutrality, it is best.

However, normal density foam is less durable and the average weight it can support is 2-3 kg per square feet.

High Density Foam Seating

The degree of High Density Office Chair Foam Seating is 32. It can support weight 3-3.5 kg per square feet. In term of durability, it is more last longer than normal density foam, while have better temperature neutrality compared to PU Density.

PU Density Foam Seating

The degree of high density office foam seating is 42. It is the highest office chair density in the Malaysia market. In term durability, PU Density Foam is the best. It can support weight 3-5 -4 kg per square feet.

However, High-density foams can be major heat traps. Hence, it is not recommended for those who tend to feel warm or hot.

The following is a summary table for Comparison of Each Office Chair Malaysia Density.

Normal Density FoamHigh Density FoamPU Density Foam
Degreed of Density243242
DurabilityPoorFair to GoodGood to Very Good
Temperature neutralityGoodGood to FairPoor to Fair
WeightLow-density foam tend to be lightest; the average weight is about 2 kg to 3 kgMedium-density foam can drive up the weight by a noticeable degree; the average mattress weight is about 3 kg to 3.5 poundsHigh-density foam comfort layers and support cores typically weigh 3.5 to 4 kg or more in some cases.
Comparison between 3 common Office Chair Malaysia Density Foam

***All information of office chair cushion above are based on Malaysia market, it might no applied to other market, if there is any mistake or wrong information, kindly inform us for updating.

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