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We offer free delivery service to areas within Klang Valley with a minimum purchase of RM 1000. For customers outside of the Klang Valley area, delivery charges may apply based on customer location.


Our product packaging is designed with assembly instruction manuals. You can install it by yourself if you wish. However, most people find that it is hard to do so. Hence, free installation and assembly on-site are provided to our valued customers with a minimum purchase of RM 1000.


We believe that most business users have a headache regarding how to arrange their newly purchased furniture. Hence, space planning service is provided to our business users in order to help them maximize the potential of their location and create the perfect solution based on their company structure, business type and others. Several workplace planning options are as given below:


The purpose of focus workplace design is to create a quiet and less distracting environment for the employees.

It provides individual space for each employee to do their job. Hence, it is suitable for employees who handle private and confidential documents.

Also, it is suitable for managers, account departments, secretaries, etc. Contact us to know more.


The purpose of group workplace design is to encourage teamwork among employees.

This layout is designed to put a group of people together allowing them to communicate with each other and work together easily.

Suitable for group-based or project-based teams such as a sales team.


The purpose of discussion workplace design is to provide a place for informal or formal meetings or discussions.

It provides a bigger activity space to employees compared to a focus and group workplace.

Suitable for a meeting room (formal meeting) or restroom (informal meeting).


1-year warranty from the date of purchase against manufacturer’s defects with free parts and labour. Defects will be repaired or replaced at the company's option. We reserve the right to substitute material of equal quality if identical material is not available at the time of claim. The customer is responsible for transportation to and from our service location. **Scratches, stains, marks, dirt, abuse, tear, worn, wrinkling of fabric, normal wear and etc. are not covered under any warranty.


Just contact our team if you have any problems regarding our products. It’s our pleasure to serve you better and provide the necessary support.