Advantages Of Built In Furniture Service And The Types Of Boards Used

Advantages Of Built In Furniture Service And The Types Of Boards Used


When rebuilding or furnishing your office, one of the key things to consider is the type of furniture you will be choosing. While there are endless lists of furniture and decorations you can consider, many of today’s office owners are opting for built in furniture service instead.



What Is Built In Furniture Service?

Freestanding or movable furniture are pieces of furniture that you can move around your office. For example, a meeting table is a furniture you can move from one spot to another if desired. Couches, stands, consoles and other similar movable pieces are considered freestanding furniture as well.

On the other hand, built in furniture, also known as fit-in furniture, are those that are already attached to the structure of your office. A storage cabinet permanently placed along walls is most likely built in furniture. Pantry counters, meeting walls or even common desks can be built in furniture as well.



What Are The Advantages Of Build In Furniture Service?


1) They are built to last

Built in furniture often come with installation services that ensure they are extra durable and withstand the test of time.

As build in furniture are not able to be moved around, it is less likely to suffer from damage due to mishandling. A good built in furniture supplier would also let you choose the type of materials used to build your furniture to ensure that you’re getting the best quality possible!


2) They save you valuable space

Since built in furniture are already fitted into your office’s structure, you don’t need to allocate extra space within your office just to place your furniture.

This is remarkably space-saving, especially if you’re getting built-in cabinets and shelves for storage purposes.


3) They can be customized according to your office needs

Customizations according to your business needs is another great advantage of built in furniture service.

For example, one business might need extra storage space for inventory, while another might need more rooms for business meetings. It’s all up to you to customize and decide!


4) They add value to your property

If you have future plans of leasing or selling your office in the future, built in furniture can add to the eventual value and selling price to your property. A furnished office versus an empty office one that will definitely have a difference in their price tags!



Types Of Boards Used For Built In Furniture Service


i) Plywood

Plywood is a popular material for built in furniture. It is created by laminating thin layers of wood on top of each other through a mix of glue, heat and pressure.

It offers a host of benefits, including:

  • Resists moisture (unlike hardwood)
  • Very flexible
  • Easy to install
  • Highly durable
  • Highest strength-to-weight ratio of all cabinet materials
  • Easily repairable and replaceable
  • Withstands and holds up to drilling
  • Highly affordable, much less expensive than hardwood


ii) Particleboard

Another popular type of built in furniture material is particleboard. Particleboard, also known as low-density fibreboard (LDF) or chipboard, is made by pressing together recycled wood products such as wood chips and sawmill shavings and forming them into sheets.

Particleboard is often sealed in with laminate or a wood veneer to give it a more aesthetically pleasing finish. Some of their benefits include:

  • Highly affordable
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Lightweight, cost effective
  • Easy to fit into necessary spaces


iii) Laminate Board

Laminate boards continues to be a highly affordable material that can easily be used in office built in furniture service.

Laminate boards are made of three resin-saturated layers: a base layer of paper, a printed & coloured layer and a protective, transparent layer. These three layers are fused together to create a heavy, durable build in furniture material.

Laminate cabinets can be highly durable, especially when you opt for a higher quality laminate. Lower quality laminates are cheaper, but not quite as durable – they have a greater tendency to crack, chip, and scuff.


Choose an experienced built in furniture supplier and service contractor you can rely on

Regardless of your office renovation needs, choosing an experienced contractor when it comes to supplying and installing your office’s built in furniture can ensure your office and business runs at its best capacity.

With AY office system, you can be assured that our expert contractors are well-equipped and trained to provide the best built in furniture supply and installation your budget can buy.

Contact us today as your built in furniture supplier at and one of our friendly consultants will reach out to you as soon as possible!

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