3 Important Things you must Know when buy a Office Chair Malaysia

3 Important Things you must Know when buy a Office Chair

When buying a office chair malaysia, many customer often have some concern as below:

  • Am I buying a quality of office chair?
  • Am I buying at Right Price?
  • How the warranty is? And what is the warranty cover?

1. How to determine the Chair Quality?

Here is a list of summary of each chair components and the indicator of quality.

Normal QualityMedium QualityGood Quality
Chair BasePP Chair BaseNylon Chair BaseChrome/Aluminuim Chair Base
Chair Cushion DensityNormal Density Foam – 24 DensityHigh Density Foam – 32 DensityPU Density Foam – 42 Density
Chair Mechanism1 Locking Mechanism2 or 3 Locking Mechanism5 or Multiple Locking Mechanism
Indicator for Office Chair Quality

2. Am I Buy it at the Right Price?

Here is a list of summary as a guideline for you to roughly estimated the price of chair based on office chair spec.

Fabric Office ChairMesh Office ChairLeather Chair (PU Leather)Leather Office Chair (Full Leather)
Normal QualityRM 150 -250RM 150 -250
Middle QualityRM 250 -450RM 250 -450RM 450 – RM 750RM 800 – RM 1300
High QualityRM 450 -900RM 450 – 900RM 750 – RM 1100RM 1300 – RM 2050
Office Chair Price Malaysia

How long of the Chair Warranty?

In Malaysia, warranty period provided by local chair manufacturer is one year. Office Chair warranty is only cover chair accessories part of the chair, which exclude the warranty of chair cushion.


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