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This is How the Right Office Chairs Can Increase Employee Productivity

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The common goal of all business firms is increasing output. Hence, a lot of apt measures you need to take to reach this goal. One of them is incorporating office furniture for your employees. However, the office chairs always take the front seat when it comes to purchasing office furniture. It is one of the most crucial things the workers spend time on it. And the vital fact is that the right office chairs increase employee productivity. Well, this is the topic that we have discussed in this blog. So, go through the entire blog before purchasing office chairs.

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How Office Chairs Will Boost Employee Productivity

Check out the following points to know how the office chairs can improve employee productivity.

It Reduces Fatigue and Injury

You should opt for the office chairs that provide comfort to the employees. But if the chair does not support to your back, it may cause musculoskeletal disorder. This complication comes from numb muscles that cause pain in the arm, neck, and back. As a result, you may lose the workers for health issues. And it can lead to lower productivity.

Hence, it’s better to choose the right office chair that helps avoid any health issues. The right office chairs will prevent your workers from any risk of injury. Therefore, you need not pay compensation frequently for the treatment of the employees. The quality office chairs are the assets of a business firm and benefit your employees’ health.

Create a Professional Atmosphere

The mismatched chairs may spoil the working environment in an office. On the flip, the well-coordinated office chairs provide the tranquillity that an office needs. All employees will perform their tasks comfortably. Consequently, it will boost the productivity of your business. Besides, your clients will have a good impression of your business premises.

Enhance The Morale Of The Workers

The quality office chairs can reflect the seriousness of the business firm. It shows that you care about your business as well as the employees’ health. Therefore, the employees get inclined to return this favor by giving their best. As a result, the morale and the working environment make the workers stimulated to work harder. And the company’s production will increase.

Perfect Accommodation For The Employees

The adjustable chairs offer accommodation to all types of workers. Naturally, all the employees are not in the same size and weight. So, considering this, you must opt for the adjustable chairs. These will ensure that all employees can sit on it comfortably. Besides, quality office chairs come with moderate back height and armrest. So, this convenience makes the employees work longer to increase production.

Boost The Aesthetic Value Of Your Office

You must opt for the right office chairs with quality fabric. And choose the color that goes well with your firm. The type of office chairs can say whether your firm is serious and dedicated. It also provides a positive view of your company. Thus you can bring the right atmosphere in your office. And enhance mutual partnership with the other companies to increase output.

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Significant Reasons to Install Office Partition for Improving Employee Productivity

Achieving productivity and efficiency in an office can be a difficult task. It is also sometimes expensive to accomplish. But partitioning your workplace intelligently can ensure productivity among employees. This approach can make your office a pleasant working space.

Are you sustaining a thought about the same for your office? If so, you can contact a trusted online supplier to purchase office table partition. But before placing your order, you must read the entire blog. Here, we have discussed why the business owners should opt for office partition to improve employee productivity. So, keep scrolling down!

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Why you should install office partition?

You need to install office partition because of the following reasons.


Though the open-plan office space can make communication easier, it can affect the employees negatively. It can increase distraction which is why the employees cannot focus on their work. The lack of privacy also becomes the reason for their stress. They feel insecure, especially with their belongings. These directly affect employee productivity.

On the flip, office partition can transform the open space into a private. With this approach, you can reduce the level of noise and distractions.

Excellent atmosphere

Office partition can affect the room temperature greatly. It can help your employees to be comfortable while working. The high or low temperature of the office room can disrupt the employees to focus on their work. But with installing office partition, you can get the partition system. It allows maximum airflow that improves the quality of air in your workplace. As a result, your office employees can remain sharp throughout the entire day with an excellent atmosphere.

More natural light

The natural light in your office space can help you a lot to save electricity bills. It can aid your employees to focus on their work. But the poor lighting may force them to strain their eyes. And it will resist them being more productive. Contrarily the office partition can provide your employees with privacy without deterring the natural light. So, considering this, choose the right office partition that will allow the flow of natural light.

Soundproof space

You and your employees will need a private area to attend meetings and handle conference calls. This is where the benefit of installing office partition lies. This approach will help you escape the noise of an office. It’s a wonderful way of getting a soundproof space. Besides, there is no need to bear massive expenses for building a new room.

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Vision of AY Office System

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Our Mission

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Therefore, it is convenience for you, as you can get all furniture item in one stop at affordable price as all of the price is direct from Factory.

To ensure our customer experience, additional service is provided to enhance our customer service:

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6) Custom Made Service

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What should a company should plan your office by using Open or Close Concept Layout? find the best

Before you plan for your office workspace, you must know the different between open plan office and closed-space office.

What is Open Plan Office?

Based on Wikipedia, it defined that Open-plan office designs are generally promoted as improving collaboration, but moving from cubicles to open work spaces (e.g., tables with no visual barriers) actually results in dramatically fewer face-to-face interactions among staff and reduced productivity. In other word, it is office floor plan that eliminated most private offices and meeting spaces and become a modern design to facilitate innovation and creativity. This is why open plan office is also knows as modern workplace.

What are the questions you need to ask, when buy office furniture?

Scared buy the bad quality goods like office furniture? How to avoid? Just ask your supplier this few question.

As AY deal with our valued customer, we often faced a lot of question in which customer might ask. Today, we are here list what are important things a customer should ask when you buy for office furniture:

1. What is material of office table an office supplier is selling?

a. In the market, office table usually is mainly made by chipboard and the surface can be further into 3 different materials.

i. Melanie(Good Quality)

ii. PVC (Medium Quality)

iii. PU (Bad Quality)

b. Hence, customer must know which material you buy for, because different quality different price. If you bought at RM 99 or even lower through online, but office table is PU made, then this is why the price is cheap as quality is low. So, no buy cheap item; bad quality, but go for good quality at reasonable price.

2. Do they provide installation service?

3. Do they provide custom service, such as custom an office items into special size? If officesupplier provides this option, then this will be good reason you should choose them, especially you place is requires smaller size due to limited space.

4. If you want to buy a meeting table, make sure ask your supplier the size of meeting table can fit in office room and ask the number of people that can fits or you can calculate by using this formula.

5. If you want to buy office chair, make sure ask your supplier the maximum weight of a chair that can endure.

It is important to ask this, because sometime some supplier provides office chair at very cheap price, but actually the office chair can’t endure 80 kg above. This is the reason it is cheap and unethical supplier won’t tell you.

6. If you want to buy cabinets, you need to be award on 2 things:

a. For chipboard cabinets, you need to ask whether all level of cabinets can fit arc file (because in the market, there is some cabinets can’t fit arc files)

b. For steel cabinets, you need to ask on the thickness of cabinets. Some supplier is selling cheap because their steel thickness is thin. When you buy it, then you will have faced problem in future, like that cabinets such as compactor can’t move, because rail is curved.

7. How long the warranty period for each office items?

8. How long all your goods are fully installed?

It is important to ask this question, because sometime you might face problem such as your site is ready, your office items haven’t arrived. This affected your shop opening. Hence, you need ensure with your supplier for date of delivery and installation. In the market, if all your item is standard items, the period of time to be installed should be 1 – 2 week; If custom size, then need more than 2 weeks. (This is just a guideline for you, the actual time you need ask your supplier properly)

However, after reading our article, you know how to get a right office supplier but lazy to search for. then, we, AY Office System, might could be one of your choice as you come across us. To know more our service and goods:

Which Size of Office Table Suit for Your Office?

L Shape Office Table

When a customer purchases an office item such as office table, the first thing a seller will ask is the size of the table a customer need. It is important to know which sizes of table suit customer because selling wrong size to a customer might lead to several problems:

1) No enough space to allocate office items.

2) The size of table is too small for the customers.

As a result, he or she might complaint and dissatisfied with our professional. However, in many cases, customer also don’t know which sizes they needs and this lead to wrong sizes they are ordering. Hence, this article is teaching how to purchase the Right Size of an office item – office table.

In the market, the standard sizes of the office tables are:

1. 4 Feet Width Table (120 cm)

2. 5 Feet Width Table (150 cm)

3. 6 Feet Width Table (180 cm)

To determine the size of your table, you need to look on several aspects:

1) Functionality is determining the purpose of your use of the table. For example, if your table need to put a computer to do your work, minus off the space of office table (30 cm), then the balance space for size of each table will be:

4 Feet Office Table (90 cm)•

5 Feet Office Table (120 cm)•

6 Feet Office Table• (150 cm)

In this situation, 4 feet will be too small for you, because 90 cm space is for a staff doing their things especially there is no space to put the documentation. Hence, 5 feet will be the ideal sizes for staff to doing things. Some people might say why no choose 6 Feet, the bigger the better, right? There are 2 reason why 6 feet is not an ideal size. First reason is the space problem, 6 feet table is too big, sometime customer might face no enough space to allocate. Second reason is pricing, a 6 feet table is much more expensive, hence, 6 feet table is no recommended given that limited space and budget problem.

However, when there is no any computer on your table, you buy a table is just use your staff to pack things or other purpose, then 4 feet is enough for your company.

2) Budget

When there is no problem with “functionality: aspect, then budget is an important aspect for all people. When you have limited budget go for 4 Feet Table, if your budget enough goes for 5 feet table or 6 Feet, given that your office have enough working space.

So these are the two important aspects you must take into consideration office tables that suit your office. Get the best items at a reasonable rate from our furniture store – AY Office System. Sellers can also gain assistance from our team of consultants here to purchase quality items within your budget. Wait no more, come to us today!!

How to determine the size of meeting table based on the number of people?

In the past few year, we sell office furniture such as meeting table, we often faced the question ask by customer such as:

1) 6 Feet Meeting table and 8 feet meeting table can fit for how many people?

2) I want my meeting table can sit for 15 people, how big the meeting needed?

3) Is it my meeting table can fits in my room and etc.?

Today, AY wanted to tell you how to estimate the size of the table based on number of people.

For your information, the standard sizes of meeting table sell in the market are:

1) 6 Feet Meeting Table:

– W 180 CM X D 90 CM X H 75 CM

– can fit for 6 – 8 person

2) 8 Feet Meeting Table

– W 240 CM X D 120 CM X H 75 CM

– can fit for 8 – 10 perso

However, sometimes we might look for meeting table which can fits more than 10 people, but what is the size we should look for?

Here is simple calculation formula created for you all to determine the sizes.

Sizes of Meeting Table = (Number of People-2) X Space of a person sits / 2


Space of a person sits = 60 cm

Hence, based on the formula, if you want a table that can fits for 15 people, then it should be:

Sizes of Meeting Table = (15-2) X 60 cm/2

= 13 X 60 cm /2

= 780 cm/2

= 390 cm

Therefore, 15 person meeting table should be at least 390 cm width.

However, if you no want front and back of the table to sit people, only the left and right hand sizes sit people, then formula will be

Sizes of Meeting Table

= (Number of People) X Space of a person sits / 2

Remark: this formula only used if you plan the front and back of table no sit people.

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