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Office ceilings serve the primary purpose of hiding structural elements like electrical wires, water pipes, and air ducts, which make them essential for achieving aesthetic purposes. Over the years, however, commercial ceilings have evolved.

Constructing a commercial ceiling, in particular, can offer plenty of advantages. A commercial ceiling can be customised to match any aesthetic, and it can prove to be a smart solution in terms of addressing various issues within an indoor space.


Factors To Consider When Installing Office Ceiling


1) What are the design styles and ambiance you’re looking for?

Most of the time, people don’t look up when they enter a building or office. Instead, they focus on the walls or furnishings. However, even the most carefully designed space can fall flat with an ill-suited ceiling. For example, instead of creating a cosy ambiance, people may end up feeling isolated if you use the wrong ceiling style or colour. With a suitable, well-designed commercial ceiling, however, you can enhance the look of any space. Moreover, with a skilled commercial ceiling provider, you can hide details like water sprinklers and smoke detectors without minimising their effectiveness.


2) What are the safety features you need?

Speaking of water sprinklers and smoke detectors, choosing a commercial ceiling translates to enhanced fire safety. This is because the ceiling materials used in commercial applications are typically made from fire-rated wood, mineral fibers, and tin that meet or can be altered to meet stringent fire safety standards. In addition, commercial ceilings are also treated to resist moisture build-up, preventing the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. Some materials are even naturally resistant to moisture. These types of ceilings are perfect for public restrooms and industrial kitchens that see a lot of use.


3) Are you choosing an environmental-friendly option?

Not many people may be aware of this fact, but the materials used for commercial ceilings are largely made from recycled, recyclable, or renewable materials. As such, commercial ceilings are quite eco-friendly. Moreover, a commercial ceiling can also affect a building’s energy efficiency. With customised features that take advantage of natural light, that optimise ventilation, and provide proper insulation, a commercial ceiling can positively affect a structure’s eco-friendliness. This comes with the added advantage of lowering utility bills.


4) What soundproofing and acoustic considerations you’ll need to think about?

In commercial applications, there are certain types of materials that can offer excellent acoustics and even soundproofing. One perfect example is a commercial wood ceiling system. Wood ceilings can both reflect and absorb sound (as opposed to foam ceilings that let sound pass through). If you’re designing a meeting room, classroom, library, or auditorium, a wood commercial ceiling would be a suitable choice. Nonetheless, modern commercial suspended ceilings can also be made soundproof with the addition of insulation panels.


5) What is your budget and what are you expectations?

If you want a better return on investment, you should definitely opt for a commercial ceiling. Open ceilings look great, especially with modern styles. However, they also have hidden costs. For example, you have to consider acoustical treatments, aesthetic adjustments like painting the ducts, and additional electrical work. These labour-intensive tasks can take a toll on your budget. With a commercial ceiling, you can avoid these extra expenses and just focus on the materials and installation.


Types Of Office Ceilings And Their Advantages

With a clearer picture of the benefits of commercial ceilings, it’s now time to choose which kind of commercial ceiling is suited for your space. Below is a list of the most common types of materials used in commercial ceilings, along with a quick look into their advantages.


a) Dropped or suspended ceiling

A dropped or suspended ceiling is composed of a grid system, which is then filled with tiles made from materials like fibreglass, metal or plastic. The advantage of a suspended ceiling is that it gives you easier access to the pipes, ducts, and wires hidden above it for repair and maintenance purposes. Moreover, if part of the ceiling gets damaged, you only have to replace the affected tiles. Finally, depending on the material used for the tiles, suspended ceilings can also dampen sounds.


b) Strip ceiling

Strip ceilings are one of the most popular ceiling materials. It’s not a top-of-mind choice nowadays, but it definitely exudes that old-world charm. If you’re looking for intricate designs, strip ceilings are the way to go. It can also be worked into a variety of textures. It’s also extremely lightweight, even with multiple layers, which means you don’t have to worry about transporting and installing huge and detailed office ceilings.


Looking for an experienced and trusted contractor to install a ceiling for your office?

Regardless of your office size, shape or requirements, AY Office System can deliver office ceiling installation services you can rely on. Our decades of experience have ensured thousands of offices are installed with the ceilings they’re 100% satisfied with.

With AY Office System, you can be assured that our expert contractors are well-equipped and experienced to bring the best service to your office. Contact us today at and one of our friendly consultants will reach out to you as soon as possible!

Outdated, damaged or otherwise poorly installed and maintained wiring is not something to take lightly. Offices damaged by faulty electricity and fires involving electrical failure or malfunction caused thousands of injuries each year in as well as millions in direct property damage a year.

Don’t let your office be one of them. Keep your senses alert for these easy ways to avoid nightmares and spot warning signs of faulty electrical wiring. Most importantly, you should hiring an office wiring technician to resolve any office electrical issues as they should be well-trained in the basic techniques of office wiring installation.


How to avoid nightmares and keep track of wiring issues in the office?


i) Keep track of circuit breaker trips

It’s common for a circuit breaker to trip. That’s what they’re designed to do – shut off your power through the circuit whenever the system is overloaded. In most cases, you can just switch it back on and continue with your tasks. However, if your circuit breaker trips frequently – multiple times a month or more – that’s a surefire sign that there is a deeper, potentially dangerous problem in your office’s electrical wiring or you are taxing that circuit with too many high-energy demanding devices or appliances.


ii) Look and listen for flickering, buzzing or dimming lights

Just because your circuit breaker hasn’t tripped, doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem with your electrical wiring. Another symptom of out dated or damaged wiring is flickering, buzzing or dimming lights. If your lights buzz when they’re turned on or flicker/dim when you use multiple appliances, this is a definite sign that you’re office’s wiring requires a professional upgrade.


iii) Look out for frayed or chewed wiring

Usually caused by rodents, pets and amateur handymen, any damaged wiring like this is a significant shock and fire hazard. It’s of the utmost importance that if you find or suspect that there is any problems of this kind, you should contact a licensed office wiring technician to inspect and replace the damaged wiring and look for any ancillary damage.


iv) Search for discoloration, scorching and smoke

Keep an eye open at the outlet points in your office. If you notice any discoloration or scorch marks on your outlets, that is a sign that the wiring in your office has been damaged in some way and is releasing heat. That heat is already damaging your office and has the potential to do much worse if left unchecked.


v) Smell for burning and odd odors

Use your nose to sniff out the source of the problem when you suspect an electrical issue in your office. Smell for any burning, smoky or odd odors at the point of outlets, as well as at your electrical panel. Burning smells mean that fire damage may have already begun and, if that’s the case, it’s imperative to have it fixed by an electrical professional immediately.


Safety tips to prevent electrical hazards at your workplace

It is important to make note that not all electrical hazards are not a result of coming in direct contact with electricity. There are many other factors that contribute to electrical hazards in a work environment.


1. Contact an electrical professional

If you feel an electrical hazard is about to happen or you encounter any electrical fault, whether in the wiring or your equipment, don’t try to resolve it. Call a professional office wiring technician for all your electrical needs.


2. Overload protection for power boards

Always consider the power boards and add overload protection to all your power boards and integrated switches. Also, keep all your power boards clean, ventilated and above floor surface wherever possible.


3. Before cutting through any ceiling, floor or wall, thoroughly check for electrical wiring

Anytime a tool comes in inadvertent contact with an unseen electrical line, the person holding the tool is under threat of electrocution or electrical shock. Make sure to size up the situation before you proceed to prevent any electrical hazard.


4. Use the appropriate cord for the job

Check the wattage reading of the extension cord and make sure it is greater than the power requirement. Using a lower wattage extension cord can cause strain, overheating and in worst case scenario possibly fire.


Looking for an experienced and trusted office wiring technician in Malaysia?

Regardless of your office size, shape or requirements, AY Office System can deliver the best office wiring technician and services Malaysia has to offer! Our decades of experience have ensured thousands of offices are installed with the wiring they’re 100% satisfied with.

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If you’re thinking or considering installing air conditioners for your office space, you’ll first need to consider plenty of things for your premises. That’s because among many things, the installation of an air conditioner is an extremely important consideration, especially here in Malaysia!

If you require installing a commercial air conditioner together with the service of a wiring technician, it is always advisable to rely on renowned air conditioner service providers for all your requirements right from installation to maintenance. They will not only eliminate your stress but save your precious time by installing the AC unit as per required guidelines!

In this article, we’ll explore the key factors you’ll need to take note of and consider before installing your office’s air conditioner as well as where to find a great service of installing air conditioner and wiring technician in the Klang Valley!


Things To Take Note Of When Installing Air Conditioners For Your Office


i) The size of your office space

First and foremost, it is crucial to calculate the exact size of the commercial property. Commercial properties like offices may require an increased amount of power to fulfil cooling needs. In order to prevent any wastage of energy and short cycling, you must install the correct size of unit for your building’s premises.

The larger the premises, the higher the number of AC units you will need to get installed. Professionals from a good installing air conditioner provider will assess load calculation to decide the correct size and number of units for a given commercial premises.


ii) Consider the condition or the installation of your air conditioner duct

You must have your ductwork evaluated by a professional before installing an AC unit. According to experts, inefficient or old ducts may leak nearly 20 percent of cool air. A professional technician will check the existing duct system and suggest if you need renovations, improvements or adjustments. If the premise is too old, it may need new ductwork!


iii) Thinking about the needed air conditioning sizing

One of the most important initial steps for installing air conditioner is to make sure you select the right size of air conditioning unit. When we talk about the size, we are referring to the power in kW or the horsepower of the air conditioner unit.

There are many factors that can impact on the size that you’ll need. Some of them are:

  • The size of the room where it’s going to be placed
  • The insulation of the room
  • The composition of the walls
  • The type and number of windows

If you want to achieve the best efficiency and performance, you have to make sure that you install the proper power for the size of the room you want to air condition. The power of the appliance must be in accordance with the size of the room.

A very large room cannot be cooled by a device with few kW, while a device with too many kW would be wasting power in a small room.


iv) Consider the different internal temperatures

You need to consider several internal factors when installing an AC unit. These factors may have a potential impact on the ambient temperature. This applies if your office has a kitchen or manufacturing area with machines producing heat. These areas must have higher temperatures than other zones like the main office or reception area. It is also important to consider opting for zone controlled AC systems instead of centralised heating or cooling sources.


Looking for an experienced and trusted air conditioner installation contractor as wiring technician in Malaysia?


Regardless of your office size, shape or requirements, AY Office System can provided the installing of air conditioner in Malaysia! Our decades of experience have ensured thousands of offices are installed with the air conditioner system they’re 100% satisfied with.

With AY Office System, you can be assured that our expert contractors are well-equipped and experienced to bring the best service to your office. Contact us today at and one of our friendly consultants will reach out to you as soon as possible!

When you work in an office, the character and quality of lighting at the workplace can help increase the office’s productivity. Poor office lighting can dampen the working mood, produce eye strain and headaches, and ultimately impair the ability to work effectively.

If your office lacks natural light, then artificial lights are even more important when considering workspace illumination. Many offices have ambient lighting that includes overhead or recessed lights, but it’s a mistake to think that those alone will suffice.

In this article, we’ll discuss more about the benefits of good office lighting, how to choose the right office lighting and where to find the best supplier of your office lighting for the best lighting installation Malaysia has to offer.

Benefits Of Good Office Lighting


i) Good office lighting improves productivity

Working in a dimly lit, grimy office impacts your mood negatively. You feel demotivated to work, your mood dips, and your enthusiasm fades. The only way of reversing this impact is to update your office lighting. There are undeniable correlations between good office lighting and positive office vibes and productivity.


ii) Good office lighting improves employee’s health

Poor lighting can cause some health issues like eye strains and headaches from not being able to see. Back, neck and shoulder aches can occur from feeling tense and straining your eyes all day.

Poor lighting may also cause forms of depression. Research has been done to show that poor lighting can cause some psychiatric conditions, which can include mood disorders. With good lighting, this can be resolved easily!


iii) Good lighting improves emotional stability and workplace happiness

Sufficient lighting enables your body to be in balance emotionally and mentally. This means helping to keep things stable, relaxed and calm. On the other hand, staying in an office that is dark and broody can trigger an emotion of stress and pressure.


How To Choose The Right Office Lighting Installation For Your Office


a) Keep office lights indirect

Avoid working under the direct glare of overhead lights. Instead, look for ways to diffuse the ambient light that will illuminate your office space. Lampshades soften and scatter otherwise harsh light, while an upward-shining floor lamp bounces the light off of walls and ceilings. The goal is to illuminate the entire space without creating undue glare and contrast while avoiding casting shadows.


b) Create task lighting

For computer work, paperwork, and other focus-intensive tasks, choose a well-defined light source dedicated to what you’re doing. An adjustable or articulated desk lamp can put light exactly where you need it and support a variety of tasks. If your office has multiple workstations—for example, a desk for computer and phone work, a filing area, and a table for reviewing photos and layouts—set up dedicated task lighting for each station.


c) Eliminate glares and shadows

Always consider where your light is coming from: A light source set behind you as you work on your computer will almost certainly create an annoying glare on your monitor. Likewise, look out for unintended shadows cast by lamps set up for task lighting. For instance, if you write with your right hand, your hand and arm may cast shadows if the task light is also placed on the right. Also, consider the location of windows when setting up your workspaces.


d) Utilize natural light

Don’t overlook the unique benefit of natural light coming from a window, skylight, or another portal. Sunlight can produce warm lighting that improves the work environment. On the other hand, you may need to account for direct sunlight that creates overwhelming glare during certain times of the day.


Looking for an experienced and trusted supplier of your office lighting as well as lighting installation in Malaysia?

Regardless of your office size, shape or requirements, AY Office System can deliver the best lighting installation Malaysia has to offer! Our decades of experience have ensured thousands of offices are installed with the lighting they’re 100% satisfied with.

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Are you thinking about repainting your office’s walls? If your office has started feeling drab and its colours are outdated, it might be time to have painting services for a refresh and inject a fresh new coat of paint and liveliness into your business.

In fact, repainting your office is a worthy investment with plenty of benefits! In this article, we’ll be discussing the benefits of repainting your office walls, and also a few key reason why you should hire a professional office renovation contractor that offers painting services to do it for you instead of doing it yourself!



Key benefits of repainting your office wall


a) A well-maintained work environment improves your office employee’s mood

Unsurprisingly, a refreshed and well-maintained work environment will have a positive impact on your employees’ mood. It’s the feeling of having your employers taking care of them well and making them feel important!

The message you are sending them when you repaint your office walls is that their comfort and well-being is important for you. This will allow you to increase your employee retention rate.

By repainting your office wall surfaces, you can also help waterproof the walls and protect them against moisture and mold. In fact, interior painting jobs often come with a 5-year warranty, but will normally last over 10 years.


b) Apart from happiness, repainting office walls increases employee productivity

Repainting your office can increase employee productivity if you use the right colours. While it might sound like a stretch, colours do evoke emotion.

Blues and violets have calming effects, while yellows, oranges, reds and other warm colours inspire focus, energy and enthusiasm. Choosing colours to paint your office should be a strategic decision that benefits you and your employees.

If you and your employees have particularly stressful jobs, painting your office blue might be a good choice. Incorporating brighter, warmer colours might help you stay motivated if your work involves a lot of mundane, repetitive tasks. Remember: you don’t have to paint your entire office the same colour. Utilizing accent walls allows you to play it safe with a mild colour while also benefiting from bolder colours.


c) Well-painted and maintained officer walls make good impressions on clients & customers

A fresh paint job is a strategic investment, especially if your business has customers that visit your office regularly. Most people use aesthetic factors to judge the reliability of a business, so a well-painted office can improve your customers’ perception of you.

Do you want them to see an unmaintained interior with chipped paint or a well-maintained office with a clean, vibrant paint job? Do your office walls inspire confidence in your business or are they in need of attention?

You can drastically improve your office’s appearance just by repainting it, and you’ll win a lot more credibility points in the minds of your customers if your office looks energizing and welcoming.



Why you should hire a professional office renovation contractor for their painting service?


1) Painting takes time

Painting is a huge time commitment. Taking a day or two off work to have a company painting day can be a fun bonding experience, but if your company is particularly busy, this might not be your best option.

When you hire a office renovation contractor, you’ll get all the benefits of repainting your office without losing any of your company’s precious time. Office painters usually have flexible hours and can paint when you’re not there.


2) Office painting is difficult

Painting is hard work, especially if you have a larger office. While the idea of painting your office is straightforward, there’s a lot of work that goes into it. You’ll have to move all your office furniture, lay down tarps, spackle the walls, tape the walls, move ladders around, and that’s just the work you do before painting.


3) You want it done right

Repainting your office is an investment, so you want to make sure it’s done right. Professional office renovation contractors paint very often, so they have more experience and expertise than the average person. You could paint your office yourself to try and save money on labour, but what if you mess up and it ends up taking even more of your company’s time and money?


Looking for an experienced and trusted office renovation contractor for their painting service?

Regardless of your office size, shape or requirements, AY Office System can deliver the best office painting service Malaysia has seen! Our decades of experience has ensured thousands of offices are 100% satisfied with their fresh coat of paint on their office walls.

With AY Office System, you can be assured that our expert contractors are well-equipped and experienced to bring the best service to your office’s wall paint.

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Glass is one of the most versatile materials we’ve invented. Whether it’s in the form of a product or an accessory, glass can be used in multiple ways such as partition divider in Malaysia for your office, thanks to its flexibility and adaptability.

When it comes to designing office interiors, the importance of glass partitions especially in Malaysia is undeniable. Glass walls as a form of partition divider in Malaysian offices have become an integral part of office design in the past few decade or so.

Today, glass walls come in a huge variety with each serving its own purpose, whether it’s aesthetical or functional. Here are a few key benefits of using glass partitions for your Malaysian office.



Key advantages of having office glass partitions in Malaysia


1) Glass partitions allow in plenty of natural light

Glass maximises the amount of natural light coming into the office, creating a bright and airy space. It goes without saying that natural lighting dramatically affects the look and feel of offices, especially smaller and compact spaces!

With glass partitions, natural sunlight can easily flow through the space allowing as much light to enter the office as possible. The presence of natural light can also help enhance the mood of your employee’s, improving productivity levels.

Installing glazed partitions can even help offices with dark spaces from spending a fortune on artificial lights for brightening the workspace!


2) Glass wall partitions improve staff productivity and morale

Aren’t you’re more energized when working in a space that’s bright versus a dim space? Today, more and more offices are choosing glazed partitions for greater work productivity and generating happiness among employees. Light is vitalizing! Likewise, your teams will be primed for greater efficiency.

Glass office walls foster communication since employees can easily see each other. Glass can also supplement the partitions in panel-based workstations. Replacing modular portions with glass makes cubicles look brand-new! The attractive atmosphere will fuel staff motivation.


3) Glass wall partitions are often value-for-money

Glass office partitions provide great value for money and are relatively affordable than plenty of other office partitions of similar quality.

This includes the tedious permanent brick wall. While bricks and cement are relatively cheaper, installing them require expert labour and considerable time, effort and mess.

On the other hand, glass partitions in Malaysia don’t require much expertise to install and take little time if measurements are taken in advance.

Not only that, glass partitions provide all the benefits mentioned above at a very reasonable price. Comparing them to other partitioning materials, glass partitions give the ultimate utility to your office.



Office glass partitions by AY Office System

If you’re looking for glass wall partitions for your office, AY Office System offers a few distinct types off glass walls, including:


a) Safety Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is made by heating and cooling a piece of standard glass in a tempering furnace, leading to a hardened and stronger glass structure. Some of its features include:

  • Better strength and breakage-resistance compared to laminated glass
  • Better safety feature, as tempered glass shatters in small pieces that are less likely to cause injury or damage compared to other type of glass


b) Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is a combination of two or more pieces of glasses together with a transparent or tinted Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) interlayer under heat and pressure. Some of its features include:

  • Ultraviolet screening – a good quality laminated glass can block up to 99% of UV-light transmission
  • Sound control – multiple layers of glass will be able to block or reduce noise
    Energy-saving building material – PVB interlayer impedes the transmission of heat and reduces air conditioning usage


c) Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is a type of fabricated glass product that is made translucent. This is often for either privacy or decorative purposes. The tempering of the frosted glass can only be done after completion of sandblasting, which is the process that makes the glass translucent.


d) Crystal Glass/Ultra-Clear Glass

Ultra-clear glass or crystal-clear glass is a high transmittance glass, and is the basic and most affordable form of glass partition walls for offices in Malaysia.



Looking for an experienced and trusted contractor for office flooring services?

Regardless of your office size, shape or requirements, AY Office System can deliver the glass partition wall installation services in Malaysia! Our decades of experience have ensured thousands of offices are installed with the glass partitions they’re 100% satisfied with.

With AY Office System, you can be assured that our expert contractors are well-equipped and experienced to bring the best service to your office.

Contact us today at and one of our friendly consultants will reach out to you as soon as possible!

There are typically many parts of an office that require frequent repairs and maintenance – one of them is undoubtedly the door! From the breaking down of the door material itself such as cracking, chipping or rusting, the common office door can require frequent maintenance if not chosen carefully.

Today, the use of tempered glass doors for interior office doors and partitions is not just a bold and unique style of interior design that is a refreshing change compared to traditional wood or plastic. It offers plenty of visual and psychological benefits to the office and business!

In this article, let’s take a look at the benefits of using tempered glass doors for your office, and where to find one of the best office door installation Malaysia has to offer!


Benefits Of Using Tempered Glass Door For Your Office


i) Optimizes the distribution of natural light and the division of space

For years, employees have been hidden behind walls, in spaces that are either overly compartmentalized or shared among too many people, sometimes without any natural light.

The use of tempered glass doors can create a new environment where natural light is able to reach even the very center of space. Likewise, glass doors allow for the division of space, creating less enclosed areas depending on whether they are oriented towards concentration or dialog.

This contributes to a brighter, more enjoyable work space, which allows for both privacy and communication, leading to increased well-being and productivity.


ii) Gives optimal use of any available space

Tempered glass doors, paired with transparent fixed partitions, establish clear and solid spatial divisions. They allow for optimal use of the entire available area. The openness of glass doors increases accessibility and allows for personalized passageways and connections to adjacent spaces.


iii) Optimal accessibility and total transparency

Glass conveys an implicit message to staff, as well as customers and suppliers: you are committed to transparency. If you want to improve teamwork and strengthen your customers’ trust, clear and transparent tempered glass doors are excellent tools for conveying a powerful corporate message.


iv) Glass doors are great at facilitating communication

Why do interior tempered glass doors improve communication? Because we all feel more comfortable walking up to someone we can already see. It’s much less intimidating than having to knock on a closed door. Tempered glass doors and interior glass architectural walls soften these barriers by allowing for eye contact and greater control of the environment.


v) It conveys modern and elegant design

Interior tempered glass doors give the feel of architectural elegance, giving spaces a contemporary touch and are great for creating corporate spaces linked to design and quality.


vi) It is a long-lasting, economical material

In an office environment, it’s important to invest in materials that stand the test of time. The minimalist aesthetic of tempered glass doors will always have a modern touch, despite the passing of time. Furthermore, glass is extremely sturdy: it doesn’t lose colour or stain like other materials, making it a very profitable investment.


vii) It provides great UV protection

Tempered glass absorbs 65% of UV rays, giving it an SPF of around 16. You can opt for a tinted finish in bronze or grey, which will further increase the SPF of your toughened glass by blocking more UV rays.


viii) It has great impact resistance

Tempered glass doors aren’t just stronger – they’re also much more impact resistant and protective compared to ordinary glass. This makes it suitable for safety applications in many settings, such as for high-rise offices and buildings.


ix) It has excellent sound reduction

Tempered glass has almost twice the soundproofing abilities of standard glass. That’s why all soundproofing glass has been tempered and toughened, providing a reduction in noise levels of up to 60 dB. This makes it ideal for application in a busy office where sound reduction is important.


Looking for an experienced and trusted contractor to supply and install tempered glass doors for your office?


Regardless of your office size, shape or requirements, AY Office System can deliver the best office door installation Malaysia has seen! Our decades of experience has ensured thousands of offices have profited positively from our supply and install services from day 1.

With AY Office System, you can be assured that our expert contractors are well-equipped and experienced to bring the uniqueness of your office’s interior design to life with the tempered glass door of your choosing.

Contact us today at and one of our friendly consultants will reach out to you as soon as possible!

If you’re thinking of repairing, upgrading or transforming the flooring for your office space, you’re at the right place!

Whether your preferred flooring is the familiar carpet flooring Malaysia loves, the popular vinyl flooring or the up-and-coming popular SPC flooring, it’s important to first consider the nature of your business and their requirements. Style and design should always come second after the functional needs of your office!

In this article, let’s take a look at the common office flooring types, their pros and cons as well as where to find one of the best office flooring services in Malaysia.



Common Office Flooring Types And Their Pros & Cons


1) Carpet Flooring

Carpet flooring Malaysia have become increasingly popular in offices for their affordability and versatility. As the name suggests, carpet flooring Malaysia are pre-cut pieces of carpet that are designed to be directly installed onto the floor, just like porcelain tiles without the need for a subfloor.

The best benefit of carpet flooring Malaysia is the fact that the underlay is built-in, eliminating the need for a separate pad to be installed, and effectively reducing costs, labour and fast-tracking your schedule.

They are also extremely low maintenance and versatile, with damaged tiles easily and quickly removed to be cleaned or replaced.



  • Quick And Easy To Install. pre-cut to size with a built-in underlay means carpet tiles are much faster and less difficult to install.


  • Customisable Designs. unlimited design choices with the power to create your own pattern. Lay tiles in a standard or chequered manner, experiment until you find a visually pleasing design suited to your office.


  • Easily Repaired. any stained or damaged pieces beyond repair can be quickly and easily replaced without affecting the rest of your flooring.



  • Visible Seams. as carpet tiles are simply placed next to each other as opposed to being chemically bonded, seams will remain visually clear.


  • Not As Soft Underfoot. built-in underlays may not be as cushioning as the separate padding used with broadloom carpet.


2) Vinyl Flooring

When it comes to visual appeal and authenticity, vinyl flooring is unmatched.

One of the main reasons why vinyl flooring has become such a popular choice in both residential and office spaces is that it can be printed to mimic a wide variety of materials, including natural hardwood, ceramic tiles, natural stone, and for half the cost.

Installed without seams, vinyl flooring provides greater protection against moisture penetrating the surface and entering the subfloor. For this reason, vinyl flooring is the perfect choice for an office within healthcare centres, day care centres, restaurants, schools or hospitality where there is high foot traffic or moisture.



  • Water-resistant. Made with waterproof materials combined with a seamless finish, vinyl flooring is extremely water resistant and is perfect for water-prone offices.


  • Comfortable. Soft underfoot and warm to touch, vinyl flooring is much more comfortable to stand on for long periods of time.


  • Longevity. Well-maintained vinyl flooring can last up to 10 to 20 years.


  • Affordable. Vinyl flooring is an affordable alternative to achieve a high-end finish.


  • Low-maintenance. Can be cleaned with a simple sweep, vacuum or mop.


  • Endless Design Possibilities. Thanks to modern printing technology, you can now get improved colour, clarity, textures and patterns which provide a more genuine and authentic feel.



  • Difficult To Repair. If your vinyl flooring is severely damaged by a scratch, dent, water, gouge or a stain, your only option is to either replace the entire floor or remove the affected area and replace with a patch.


  • Potential Discolouration. Low quality vinyl can become yellow overtime. It can also take place because of direct sunlight. However, good quality vinyl with a UV inhibitor can prevent sun damage and discolouration.


3) SPC Flooring

Otherwise known as stone-plastic-composite, SPC flooring options are growing in popularity thanks to their stylish look, affordability and practicality.

Stone plastic composite vinyl flooring is considered to be an upgraded version of engineered vinyl flooring. The difference between SPC flooring options and other types of vinyl flooring is its unique resilient core layer.

They are well-known for providing a stable base for each flooring plank. SPC flooring looks just like any other engineered vinyl floors, with the core completely hidden!



  • Waterproof And Fireproof. One of the best aspects of SPC flooring is its waterproof and also fireproof nature – this makes SPC flooring a great choice for offices that are prone to moisture, such as offices for food establishments or laundry businesses. SPC flooring is also one of the best fire-resistant materials thanks to its stone-polymer composite.


  • Easy Installation. SPC flooring is popular as you can place them on top of many different types of subfloors or existing flooring. Most designs for SPC flooring can be simply fit into place, eliminating the need for messy, complicated and potentially toxic glues.


  • Comfort. The thick, stable bottom layers of each plank make SPC flooring much more cushioning than many other materials. These dense layers also contribute to a quieter footstep sounds.


  • Easy Maintenance. SPC is also resistant to impacts, stains, scratches, and wear and tear. it’s a great choice for busy households because in addition to holding up well, it is easy to keep clean. Maintenance involves only regular vacuuming or sweeping and occasional mopping.



  • Difficult Subfloor Preparation. Subfloor for SPC flooring should be levelled, smooth, free of dust and dirt before installation. This process requires you to put in some time and effort. This is due to the fact that any particles trapped underneath will cause lumps and bumps on the SPC surface. This will cause serious flooring issues over time and can even lead to rip and tear of SPC parts.


  • Susceptible To Sharp Objects. Heavy furnitures, pet’s paws or any sharp objects will leave scratches and abrasion on SPC flooring surface easily.


Looking for an experienced and trusted contractor for office flooring services?


Regardless of your office size, shape or requirements, AY Office System can deliver the best office flooring services Malaysia has seen! Our decades of experience has ensured thousands of offices are installed with the flooring they’re 100% satisfied with.

With AY Office System, you can be assured that our expert contractors are well-equipped and experienced to bring the best service to your office’s flooring installation.

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If you’re looking to give your office space an absolute new look by installing blinds you’re in luck – there is an extensive range of blinds you can choose from in today’s market. However, how do you select the right office window blinds ?

In this article, we’ll discuss more about the benefits of office window blinds or office blinds, their different types and how to choose quality window blinds for your office.



Top Benefits of Office Blinds


Have control over privacy

Blinds give you a lot of flexibility when it comes to privacy. You can tilt them part way to obscure view or close them completely to provide full privacy. The ability to tilt them gives you a variety of options when it comes to privacy.


Have control over lighting

When compared to curtains and shades, window blinds give you more control over the amount of light you allow into your space. Blinds can tilt, close fully or open to let in the right amount of light into your room. In addition, you can get them in a variety of materials to increase your light control options further.


Have an affordable method of design

Window blinds are increasingly becoming a popular choice because they’re quite affordable given their easy and simple-to-use design. In addition to these features, window blinds are made with durable materials and will stay in great shape for a very long time.


Enjoy easy maintenance

Window blinds can be a great choice if you’re looking for something that’s easy to maintain. This is essentially one of the main reasons why they have become popular for rental properties and small businesses. All you have to do is wipe them with a damp cloth. They are easy to clean!



Types Of Office Blinds In The Market


a) Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are the most popular solution for offices and commercial spaces on account of their versatility and affordability. Typically available in a choice of 3 ½” and 5” slat widths, vertical blinds are particularly suited to large glazed areas including French doors and floor-to-ceiling windows. Controlling the level of incoming light is simple – just tilt, close or draw the blinds into the required configuration.

Another major advantage of vertical blinds is that if there’s a problem with some of the slats, they can be replaced individually rather than having to replace the whole window blind.


b) Roller blinds

For a basic and cost effective window dressing solution for your office or any kind of commercial space, you can’t go wrong with roller blinds.

Pull them up or down to control the amount of light coming in – there’s no tilting option – and choose from materials with different textures and levels of opacity for more or less shading.

Dim-out, black-out and sunscreen options are available, plus anti-glare fabrics can be utilised to keep sunlight away from screens. Roller blinds come in an array of plain colours and prints to complement the interior design of the office.


c) Venetian blinds

Another classic solution for office spaces, Venetian blinds provide excellent light and privacy control at the simple twist of a rod. Slats range from 5/8” to 2” in width, and there’s a vast choice of colours and finishes to choose from.

Choose cool, contemporary aluminium or cosy wooden Venetian blinds depending on the rest of the décor and the ambience you wish to create.

What’s more, Venetian blinds can be used for privacy systems for glass walls or internal partitions to screen off meeting rooms and managers’ offices.



How To Determine The Quality Of Blinds


i) Check its durability

It goes without saying that any window blind for a commercial space must be able to stand the test of time. In order to get the best return on your investment, choose a reputable supplier with quality manufacturing processes and a product that is robust and more than fit for purpose.

ii) Check its moisture resistance

Your office blinds should be made from moisture resistant materials or that the slats have been specially coated to offer protection from colour fading and warping due to exposure to the elements.


iii) Check its safety

Make sure your blinds are professionally fitted by a skilled installer. Fire safety is a key factor when it comes to fitting blinds. Check the fire rating on the fabric – textured fabrics, aluminium blinds and faux wooden blinds are the best choice.


iv) Make sure it is of easy maintenance

Finally, do check about cleaning and maintenance requirements of the blinds you are thinking of purchasing for your office. While vertical blinds should be easy to keep clean, having been typically designed for office space, Venetian blinds may be a bit more fiddly to keep dust free. Roller blinds require the least maintenance.



Looking for high-quality office window blinds or office blinds?

Regardless of your office needs, choosing high-quality office window blinds or office blinds are key to ensure your office and business is designed to its best.

With AY Office System, you can be assured that our blinds are of high-quallity, durable and promises easy maintenance!

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You may not know this, but your interior office design matters as much as what your business has to offer. Think about this – what is the first thing your customer notices when he or she enters your workplace? Chances are your clients look around at the furnishings, artwork, and cleanliness of your facility. This is one of the reasons why you need renovation services for your office interior design Malaysia.

Apart from finding helpful, friendly employees, they want a well-organized and pleasant business. When you, your employees, and your customers are at ease, your business can flourish with the best office interior design Malaysia!

In this article, we’ll talk about the reasons why office interior design Malaysia is important, a few tips on how to start thinking about your office interior and the best renovation services you can find in Malaysia.


Why Is The Interior Design Of Your Office Important?


1. Your office’s design tells your business’s story

Every business has a story to tell. What is yours? Does your business move at lightning speed? Are you on the cutting edge of innovation? If so, you want your space to be modern, with clean lines and bright lighting. When customers enter your business, they should feel the excitement radiating from your office design!


2. Your office’s design impacts your employees

Many people spend more time at their workplace than they do in their own homes. If your offices are cluttered, overcrowded, and poorly planned out, productivity often suffers in poorly designed workplaces.

A well-designed office interior design Malaysia increases productivity, reduces sick-time, and fosters community. Proper lighting, comfortable and flexible workspaces, adjustable chairs, and ergonomic furnishings can promote a healthy office environment.


3. Your office design can grow your business

How can spending money on the renovation services of an interior designer lead to more money in the bank?

The first way is via reducing your monthly electric bills. Are you still replacing the light bulbs you have had in your office for the past twenty years? Newer lighting options can minimize electrical output and your utility fees at the same time.

Of course, as we mentioned earlier, a well-designed office space can make the right impression on potential customers, sending more money your way!


Change Your Office Interior Design Malaysia With 1 Of These 8 Design Concepts


1. Modern Minimalist Design Concept

This design concept is often much more suitable for people who want simplicity – they enjoy having less things to worry about after their busy work days and enjoy sheer functionality over style.

This often applies to senior white-collar workers or who place heavy emphasis on productivity.


2. European Design Concept

On the other hand, this concept is usually preferred by a more traditional workplace that seeks a more luxurious atmosphere as well as old-school charm retro style.


3. American Design Concept

This is among the most popular design concepts for modern offices today, where it’s less of a corporate atmosphere but encourages workplace involvement such as open-office concepts.


4. Pastoral Design Concept

When it comes to businesses that deal with artistic, literary or media-heavy industries, the pastoral design concept will be much more suitable as it is meant for those who love openness and taking inspiration from nature.


5. Mediterranean Design Concept

For offices that are trying to have a relaxed, laid-back style that emulates a holiday-feel to its everyday, the Mediterranean design concept will give a natural, relaxed atmosphere to its workers.


6. Southeast Asian Design Concept

This is a design concept that is more closer to home – it will usually impart more private space and meeting rooms as it is expected to have private discussions, workshops or client meetings to take space.


7. New Chinese Style Design Concept

As one of the more recent exports of Chinese-influenced office designs from mainland China, you can expect an office that’s infused with Chinese elements such as low wooden furniture and fengshui-positive layouts to be the main theme of this design concept


8. Nordic Design Concept

Lastly, the Nordic design concept takes minimalism and form-follows-function to its best. It is often much more suited to start-ups and new small businesses that are more entrepreneur-like in nature and less of a corporate theme at all.


Looking for an experienced and trusted office interior design firm or contractor?

Regardless of your office interior design Malaysia needs, choosing a licensed and experienced renovation services provider is key to ensuring your office and business is designed to its best.

With AY Office System, you can be assured that our expert designers are well-equipped and experienced to bring the uniqueness of your office’s interior design to life.

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