Factors To Consider When Installing Office Window Curtain

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When setting up an office space for the first time, there are so many factors to consider when choosing your curtains or blinds to suit the business setting. After all, the office’s window curtain will determine the mood and feel of the space significantly!

In this article, we’ll discuss more about what you’ll need to consider if you have yet to decide what office window curtains to procure for your business!

Factors to consider when installing office window curtains and blinds 

a)  Privacy and security 

Blinds, especially roller blinds, are more often used in offices because they are easy to use, are highly practical in just providing privacy during meetings, and do not require much maintenance. It’s single sheet of woven fabric comes in many different colours to add to the aesthetic of the office and allow minimal light and maximum privacy.

They are great for reserving privacy or to blackout a room for presentations with a projector.


b)  Cost-effectiveness 

Some people may skimp out on premium to luxury fabric or materials used for their window curtains and window blinds, and that’s because they may only need it practically. Aesthetics may not matter. As such, curtains and blinds do not have to be expensive, and there are ways to save money when buying curtains and blinds.


c)  Energy-saving 

Installing curtains and blinds can help save on energy bills because they prevent your home or office heating up too quickly. As such, you don’t have to switch on your air-con at a lower temperature and wait for it to cool down your space for too long.


d)  Increases the value of your office 

A little-known fact is that offices can be sold at a higher valuation or even appeal to tenants because there are curtains and blinds installed.

Take into consideration that curtains and blinds can help cool down your office space. Stepping into an office that’s too warm could turn off your employees simply due to a sensory psychology. Tenants might also be thinking if they have to fork out extra money to improve their space on top of all the other rental costs.

A space also appears more appealing when there are curtains or blinds to complete the look of the space. After all, it’s not called soft furnishing for nothing.


e)  Consider the cleaning & maintenance needed 

As curtain coverings and blinds are near the windows, it definitely does help trap dust and prevent your office from becoming overly polluted. However, it means that they also need some maintenance.

Softer, cheaper curtain fabrics can be washed frequently, and they are often compatible with washing machines. However, more expensive and luxurious fabrics might require dry cleaning.

Blinds are usually easier to maintain especially wooden and Venetian blinds. As they are made from PVC or timber wood, they simply need a dusting or wipe down to refresh it. Roller blinds are also waterproof, which makes them easier to clean and requires low-maintenance.

It’s important to keep window coverings as clean as the rest of your property. Curtains can be laundered and vacuumed so they’re also easy to keep clean and fresh.


f)  Think about the ambient lighting 

It is needless to say that curtains and blinds help to control the amount of light and to a certain extent, the temperature in your office.

Choosing an appropriate day curtain can help to allow light in when needed, and then close off for privacy. Darker fabrics are also more adept at absorbing light and heat.

Another thing that one might not consider is how they are more useful to prevent glares over shiny surfaces such as your TV or computer screen. Installing curtains or blinds provides you that added benefit too.


g)  Choose the fabric and colour wisely 

The beauty of curtains and blinds is the variety available to potential buyers. There are so many fabrics, colours, styles, shapes and prints for everyone. The only problem you’ll come across is trying to choose just one that suits your office! Curtains and blinds can brighten up a room with a pop of colour, or keep it neutral but add a cosiness and style. Some of the most popular window coverage comes from silk, velvet, linen or faux silk as they are the most luxurious materials.


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