Gypsum Board Partition For Your Office Room

Gypsum Board Partition For Your Office Room

Partitioning an office offers your business a flexible option to divide the available work space, ensuring that every department can have a separate working area. Some of the offices in Malaysia use gypsum board partition as their office partition installation.

Today’s shift towards modular offices has made it the choices of different sizes and styles of movable partitions the dominant commercial design trend of the early 21st century.

In fact, they all come back to the fact that demountable partitions provide a slew of benefits fixed drywall construction simply can’t. These benefits are more than just aesthetic (although that certainly is a big part of the mix).

In this article, we’ll discuss more about office partition installation and the benefits if you order an installation for your very own office. We’ll also touch on one of the most popular and advantageous material used in office partitions – gypsum board partition.



Benefits of Office Partition Installation


a) Makes The Best Use Of Space & Reduce Costs

Partitions and room dividers to your office space give your business the flexibility and convenience to transform any space without modifying existing structures. Thus, it is a great way of utilizing space and saving a ton of money in renovation costs.
In some cases, simply adding dividers into existing areas can cleverly transform an open, flat space into a bustling office with several departments in one place! That’s the power of office partition installation!


b) Perfect For Building Privacy

Office partition installation can immediately create a more secure and private space for your employees. While collaboration is often important, it is also vital to have a dedicated space for every employee to allow them to feel comfortable and less distracted. Additionally, a space for employees offers them autonomy, which makes them feel valued by the company.


c) Proven To Increase Productivity

Furthermore, creating these private areas can in fact boost productivity as dividers block out distractions and visual stimuli. Thus employees are encouraged to focus more on the task at hand without being distracted by external stimulation.


d) Block Out Or Reduce Noise

The biggest issue with open-plan offices is often noise, which is especially distracting and disruptive in many trendy offices that have warehouse-styled structures.

In fact, hard surfaces are not the best when it comes to retaining any noise as they do a poor job absorbing sounds. Office partitions, on the other hand, do a decent job in reducing noise by themselves.


e) They Enhance the Look of an Office Space

Besides their great functions and advantages, partitions in offices contribute a professional look to the interior design of an office space. These partitions are advantageous as they are easy to maintain and clean. They also come with different designs and hues to choose from, or they can be custom-made to suit personal taste and the space they are to be fitted.



Advantages Of Gypsum Board Partition

One of the most widely-used materials in constructing ceiling and wall interiors is plasterboard, also known as gypsum board. Though introduced in the 1940’s, plasterboard has become the most popular material used in offices today.

Gypsum board is now known to be the most versatile materials because of its flexibility and its plasticity, as well as its ability to be shaped or moulded into any design.

A few of numerous advantages related to gypsum board partition include:


i) Simple To Install

Installing gypsum board partition is easy. They are lightweight and safer to handle, reducing the risks of injury. It provides for a clean, safe and simple installation process.


ii) Reasonably Priced

If you are on a tight budget, gypsum board is the only way to go. It’s affordable but at the same time, it provides a high quality standard for construction. That’s why many choose gypsum board partition for office partition installation.


iii) Low Environmental Impact

Most gypsum boards are made from sustainable resources and recyclable materials. Some are even made out of 45% waste recycled materials. It also provides a very healthy living environment and is free of hazardous chemicals.


iv) Resistant To Fire

Gypsum boards are made of crystals which have a small amount of water. During a fire, the water is driven down. This helps to keep the temperature down which in turn slows down the spread of fire.


v) Ease Of Repair

It is fairly easy to repair plasterboard without any complicated tools. It is also adaptable. It can easily be moved or transferred for changes in the layout and for renovation.



Choose An Experienced Office Partition Installation Contractor You Can Rely On

Regardless of your office’s spatial needs, choosing an experienced contractor when it comes to office partition installation can ensure your office and business runs at its best capacity.

With AY Office System, you can be assured that our expert contractors are well-equipped and trained to provide the best installation services your money can buy.

Contact us today at and one of our friendly consultants will reach out to you as soon as possible!

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