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Office Furniture Shop

In office furniture shop, we sell over 200 office items such as office table, director table, meeting table, office chair, office cabinets, workstation, partition, office equipment and etc. Now, we served over 300 customers in Selangor by helping them to set up a professional outlook office workspace environment.


Moreover, as a online office furniture seller, we provide several service:

  • Online Direct purchase service – all customer can just purchase online directly.
  • 7 day working days delivery Promise (Expect for office workstation/bulk order)
  • On site installation to ensure your goods install properly.
  • One year product warranty to ensure our product quality. Term and Condition Apply.


To know more about Us, please have a look why you should choose AY Office System?”

For Business User:


If you look for quotation for management approval, then Use our Wishlist System to create formal quotation

If you wanted to set up a new office but no idea what to set up, whatsapp us for “site visit“.



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Bellatrix Arm Sofa – AF 001


Tempest Arm Sofa – AF 002


Joseline Arm Sofa – AF 003


Diamond Arm Sofa – AF 004


Orion Arm Sofa – AF 005


Paris Arm Sofa – AF 006


Garnet Arm Sofa – AF 007


Ambrosia Arm Sofa – AF 008


Averill Arm Sofa – AF 009


Borlotti Sofa – SF 1103


Susina Sofa – SF 1105


6L Shape Sofa – SF 2573