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What is Conference Table?

A conference table is a desk or table, mainly used for discussion purposes. It is also known as an office meeting table. Moreover, at AY Office System, we sell over 20 types of meeting tables in Malaysia ranging from traditional design to modern design.

The feature of the meeting table desk:

  • All our meeting table is made by Full Melamine Chipboard

  • All tabletop thickness is 25 mm while for table leg, it is 16 mm (Except for metal leg office desk).

  • Standard sizes for our meeting table are:

    • 6 Feet – fits for 6 person

    • 8 Feet – fits for 8 person

    • 10 Feet – fits for 10 person

    • 12 Feet – fits for 12 person

    • 16 Feet – fits 16-18 person

  • Customizations can be done on the size of the meeting table

    • If you require a special size on a particular model, email us:

      • Company Detail: Company Name, Address, and Email.

      • Product Detail: Product model, sizes, color

Which Conference Table Sizes Should I Buy?

Here is a simple calculation formula to determine the sizes.

Sizes of Meeting Table = (Number of People-2) X Space of a person sits / 2. Read More

Here are some of Our Best Selling Conference Table: