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What is Meeting Table

Meeting table is a desk or table, mainly for discussion purpose.  In AY Office System, there are over 2o type of conference table design available:

The feature of conference table desk:

  • All our conference table is made by Full Melamine Chipboard
  • All table top thickness is 25 mm while for table leg is 16 mm (Expect for metal leg office desk).
  • Standard sizes for our meeting table sizes are:
      • 6 Feet – Can fits for 6 – 8 person
      • 8 Feet – Can fits for 8-10 person
      • 10 Feet – Can fits for 10-12 person
      • 12 Feet – Can fits for 12-14 person
      • 16 Feet – Can fits for 16-18 person
  • Allow customization on the size of conference table
    • If you require a special sizes on particular model, email us:
      • Company Detail: Company Name, Address and Email.
      • Product Detail: Product model, sizes, color.

Here are the 20 type of Best Selling Conference Table in Malaysia: