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2 Tone Series Office Pedestal

2 Tone Series Office Pedestal

What is 2 Tone Series Office Pedestal?

The main characters of 2 Tone Series Office Pedestal is all product is in the formation of 2 color such as maple/dark grey( Top is Maple, Cabinet ‘s body is Dark Grey).

Hence, this series named as 2 Tone Series. The creation of this series is to provide our customer a more affordable and economy office cabinets. The price of the 2 Tone Series Office pedestal is between RM 150 to Rm 300.

In AY Office System:

  1. All our office pedestal can be separate into 2 type:
    • Mobile Pedestal
      • Come with mobility castor.
      • Also Known as movable office cabinets.
    • Hanging Pedestal
      • Known as fixed office pedestal
      • Install under the table
  2. All pedestal type can be further separate into 4 model:
    • 1D1F Office Drawer
    • 3D Office Drawer
    • 2D1F Office Drawer
    • 4D Office Drawer
  3. All our office pedestal Come with Drawer Lock

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