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2 Tone Series Office Cabinets

2 Tone Series Office Cabinets

What is 2 Tone Series Filing Office Cabinets?

The main characters of 2 Tone Series Filing Office Cabinets is all product is in the formation of 2 color such as maple/dark grey( Top is Maple, Cabinet ‘s body is Dark Grey).

Hence, this series named as 2 Tone Series. The creation of this series is to provide our customer office cabinets at affordable price. The price of the 2 Tone Series Office pedestal is between RM 200 to RM 800.

In AY Office System,

  1. All office cabinets can be separate into 4 categories:
    • Office Low Cabinet
      • 2 Level Low cabinet
    • Office Medium Cabinet
      • Include 3 and 4 Level cabinet.
    • Office High Cabinet
      • 5 level cabinets
    • Office Side Cabinet
      • 2 level cabinets, same height with office table.
      • Only one level can fits for arc file.
  2. All office cabinet level can fits Arc file except for side cabinet.
  3. All cabinets come with Lock except for pigeon hole and open shelf cabinets.

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