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What is M Series Filing Office Cabinets?

M Series Filing Office Cabinets is a office cabinets design come with u handler and available for  5 Color: White, Grey, Cherry, Beech and Maple.

It designed to suit with Office Table, with code start with M. For Example: MWT 127, MMT 127 J, ML 1515 and etc. The price of M series office cabinet is range from RM 200 to RM 800.

In M Series,

  1. All office cabinet can be separate into 2 categories:
    • Office Low Cabinet
      • 2 Level Low cabinet
    • Office High Cabinet
      • 4 level cabinets and 5 Level Cabinets
  2. All office cabinet level can fits Arc file.
  3. All office cabinet come with Lock except for pigeon hole and open shelf cabinets.