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What is Steel Cabinet?

Steel Cabinet  is an office cabinets is made by steel. also known as metal cabinets.  In AY Office System, all steel cabinets is made by mild steel and separated to 5 categories based on their purpose and usage.

  1. Steel Cupboard
    • Designed to keep File Document such as Arc File.
  2. Steel Filing Cabinets
    • Designed to keep drawer file, also known as Drawer Filing Cabinets
  3. Steel Pigeon Hole
    • Designed to put employee belonging.
  4. Steel Locker
    • Same purpose with steel pigeon hole, however, it come with lock for each locker, more privacy and safety for your staff.
  5. Steel Library Racking
    • A steel book rack/bookshelf. Ideal for a modern workspace or library.
  6. Mobile Compactor
    • Same purpose with steel cupboard, the only different is mobile compactor has grater filling storage space, and come with central to protect document safety. Typically, suitable for accounting firm.
  7. Safety Box
    • safety box or a safe box is a securable box that is used to keep valuable objects to keep them safe.