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What is Office Chair?

The office chair is a chair designed for office use. For office chair Malaysia, there are 6 common types of office chair sold in the market.

  1. Office Leather Chair
    • All our office leather chair is made by cow leather.
    • Nowadays, when talk about executive office chair, leather chair always is the first choice for director or manager.
  2. Half Leather Chair
    • A half leather office chair is made by both PU Leather (Surface on which we can’t touch such as the back of chair ) and Full Leather (Surface on which we sit )
    • An alternative option for customers who prefer leather office chair Malaysia with a tight budget, as it is cheaper
  3. PU Leather Chair
    • An office PU leather chair is made of artificial leather, it is slightly cheaper than a leather chair, while have similar leather outlook and more color selection.
    • However, a PU leather chair can only last for 2-3 year.
    • Hence, it is best alternative choice for customers who have a tight budget.
  4. Office Fabric Chair
    • A fabric chair is made of upholstery fabric with which more abrasion resistance and multiple fabric color choice.
    • Normally, it is used for general staff or entry level staff as the price is affordable and economical.
  5. Ergonomic Office Chair
    • This ergonomic office chair is made of mesh (For Chair Back) + fabric (For the Seating)
    • Posture Support.
  6. Banquet Chair/Link Chair/Study Chair/Bar Stool.

In AY Office System, 6 common type office chair group into 4 categories:

  1. Leather Chair (PU, Half Leather and Full Leather Chair)
  2. Mesh Chair
  3. Fabric Chair
  4. Banquet Chair/Link Chair/Training & Study Chair/Bar Stool.

Important Note:

All Our Office Chairs are produce base on Just In Time basic. In another word, we only produce when there is an order (7 days production days)