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Banquet Chair with 1.0 Thickness Epoxy Leg – BC 906


Banquet Chair with 1.2 Thickness Epoxy Leg – BC 907


Banquet Chair with 1.6 Thickness Epoxy Leg – BC 908


Banquet Chair with Chrome Leg- BC 906 C


Banquet Chair with 1.0 Thickness Epoxy Leg – BC 9005


Banquet Chair With Chrome Leg – BC 9005 C


Bar Stool – BS 01


Bar Stool – BS 03


Bar Stool – BS 05


Bar Stool – BS 07


Bar Stool – BS 09


What are Banquet Chair, Study Chair, Drafting Chair, Bar Stool and Link Chair?

In AY Office System, Banquet chair, Training & Study chair, Drafting Chair, Link chair and Bar stool are group into same categories all this items is use for gathering purpose.

  • Banquet Office Chair

Multi selection of fabric colours.
It available in epoxy black and chrome.
Suitable for multi-purpose spaces such as meeting rooms, weddings, and catered events.

  • Training & Study Chair

Designed for students use.

  • Drafting Chair

Designed for drafting use.

  • Bar Stool

Suitable for use at bars and high tables in pubs or bars.

  • Link Chair

Usually allocated at visitor area for customer sitting down or rest when waiting.

All office  chair is under one year warranty.

scratchesstains, marks, dirt, abuse, tear, worn, wrinkling of fabric cover is not cover under any warranty.

Important Note:

All Our Office Chair are produced based on Just In Time basic. In other word, we only produce when there is an order (7 days production days)