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Banquet Chair with 1.0 Thickness Epoxy Leg – BC 906


Banquet Chair with 1.2 Thickness Epoxy Leg – BC 907


Banquet Chair with 1.6 Thickness Epoxy Leg – BC 908


Banquet Chair with Chrome Leg- BC 906 C


Banquet Chair with 1.0 Thickness Epoxy Leg – BC 9005


Banquet Chair With Chrome Leg – BC 9005 C


What is Banquet Office Chair

Banquet Office Chair is a chair design for gathering or event use. In other word, it is suitable for multi-purpose spaces such as meeting rooms, weddings, and catered events.

In AY Office System, our banquet chair separate into 2 type:

  1. 1.0 Thickness Epoxy Leg Banquet Chair
  2. 1.2 Thickness Epoxy Leg Banquet Chair (For Slightly Heavy Duty)
  3. Chrome Leg Banquet Chair

All banquet chairs are under one year warranty.

  • scratches,stains, marks, dirt, abuse, tear, worn, wrinkling of fabric cover is not cover under any warranty.

Important Note:

All Our Office Chair are produce based on Just In Time basic. In other word, we only produce when there is an order (7 days production days)