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Executives Fabric Office Chairs

Executives Fabric Office Chairs

What is Executive Office Fabric Chair?

Executive Office Fabric Chair is a fabric office chair a office chair design for management level staff.  Moreover, fabric office chair outlook is modern and professional. Hence, it will be a good chair option for your manager.

In AY Office System, the feature of fabric office chair:

  • 2 type of office chair foam are available:
    • High density foam and PU Foam
  • 3 type of chair mechanism are available:
    • One , Three and Five locking chair  synchronized mechanism
  • All foam seating, chair roller, gas spring, chair base is under one year warranty.
    • scratches, stains, marks, dirt, abuse, tear, worn, wrinkling of fabric cover are not covered under any warranty.

Important Note:

All Our Office Chair are produced based on Just In Time basic. In other word, we only produce when there is an order (7 days production days)

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