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Leather Office Chair

Leather Office Chair

What is Leather Office Chair?

Leather Office Chair is a chair made by leather material (either natural or artificial) mainly for office use. 

In AY Office System, we have separated our leather chair into 3 categories:

  1. Office Leather Chair
    • Office leather chair is made by cow leather.
    • The benefit of buying a leather chair:
      • Easy to clean – Just wipe off the dust and dirt.

      • Leather ‘breathes” – adjusts rapidly to your body temperature and comfortable.

      • Leather resists sun damage and will not tear.

  2. Half Leather Chair
      • A half leather office chair is made by both PU Leather (Surface in which we can’t touch such as back of chair ) and Full Leather (Surface in which we sit on)
      • An alternative option for customer who prefer Office Leather Chair with tightly budget, as it is cheaper.
  3. PU Leather Chair
    • Firstly, all our PU office leather chair is made by artificial leather.
    • Secondly, the benefit of buying a leather chair:
      • Cheaper than leather office chair.
      • More Colorful Selection
      • PU leather chair can last longer for 2-3 year.

Important Note:

All Our Office Chair are produced based on Just In Time basic. In other word, we only produce when there is an order (7 days production days)

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