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In an Office Furniture Line, Office Equipment refers to tool items such as writing board, notice board, display equipment, etc.

In AY Office System, we separated office equipment separate into 4 categories based on its purpose:

  1. Writing Board
    • Boards are designed to for writing purpose.
    • Writing Board can be further separated into 5 Catagories:
      •  Whiteboard

      The white surface of whiteboards makes them perfect for teaching and presentation. They are usually divided into three categories, such as Non-Magnetic Wall Mounted Whiteboard, Magnetic Wall Mounted Whiteboard Whiteboard, and Magnetic Whiteboard With Stand. From NON-MAGNETIC WHITEBOARD WITH ALUMINIUM FRAME to quality MAGNETIC WHITEBOARD WITH WOODEN FRAME, our office furniture store in Malaysia have a huge collection of whiteboards for you!

      •      Chalk Board

      Traditionally, chalkboards are used in primary and secondary schools where calcium sulphate or calcium carbonate sticks are used to write on them. There are two types of chalkboards, Wall Mounted Chalkboard, and Chalk Board With a Stand. Our CBWS – CHALKBOARD WITHSTAND comes with an aluminium frame for extra longevity.

      • Twin Board

      Twin boards have two sides, one is a magnetic surface, while the other one is perfect for giving presentations or using as a notice board. We have 5 types of twin boards, such as Whiteboard + Soft Notice Board with Stand, Whiteboard + Chalk Board with Stand, Whiteboard + Foam Notice Board with Stand, Whiteboard + Velcro Notice Board with Stand, and Whiteboard + Cork Board with Stand.

      • Flip Chart

      Perfect for presentation, a flip chart is a large pad of paperbound. By turning over each page, you can reveal the next part of your presentation. AY Office System offers you three types of flip charts, including Economy Flip Chart, Conference Flip Chart, and In-Out Flip Chart. Our CFC- CONFERENCE FLIP CHART is loaded with features like magnetic surface and Adjustable Chrome Telescopic Leg.

      • Menu and Information Board

      Menu and information boards are typically used for displaying pictures or information about items in front of restaurants. We have three different types of menu and information boards for you, including Menu boards, like the T SHAPE MENU BOARD WITH ALUMINIUM FRAME, Information Board, and Junior Board. Our boards are easy to carry, assemble and come in different surface options.

  2.  Notice Board

    Boards are designed for information-sharing purposes.

    Perfect for public indoor spaces such as lobbies and corridors.

    Notice Board can be further separated into 5 Categories:

    • Notice Board

    We have a wide range of notice boards that are ideal for public places, schools and more. Our office equipment collection of notice boards includes Soft Notice Board, Foam Notice Board, Velcro Foam Notice Board, Cork Bulletin Notice Board and Stick On Board. Our SOFT NOTICE BOARD WITH ALUMINIUM FRAME comes in a range of sizes, so be sure to check them out!

    • Dual Board

    A Dual board is a combination of a Whiteboard Surface and another material. Our office furniture shop has five types of dual boards, such as Whiteboard + Soft Notice Board, Whiteboard + Foam Notice Board, Whiteboard + Velcro Notice Board, Whiteboard + Cork Bulletin Notice Board, and Whiteboard + Stick-On Notice Board. Our dual boards come with a quality guarantee and they are incredibly easy to install.

    • Sliding Glass Cabinet

    Notice Board Sliding Glass Cabinet is a type of notice board that is built or embedded into glass door cabinets. At our office equipment shop, you can find Magnetic Whiteboard Sliding Glass Cabinet, Stick On Notice Board Sliding Glass Cabinet, Soft Notice Board Sliding Glass Cabinet, Foam Notice Board Sliding Glass Cabinet, Velcro Notice Board Sliding Glass Cabinet, Cork Bulletin Notice Board Sliding Glass Cabinet, and Stick On Notice Board Sliding Glass Cabinet.

    • Display Panel

    Display panels are widely used in exhibitions for displaying information to the public viewers. We have the highest quality Economy Display Panel, Smart Folding Display Panel, Mobile Display Panel, and Lambo Panel as well. Our display panels come in a range of sizes and colours with free installation and delivery offers.

    • Peg Board

    Our Malaysia office furniture shop has a collection of excellent quality pegboards for displaying information or playing games. You can also find a quality guaranteed METAL HOLDER FOR PEGBOARD at our office equipment shop in Malaysia.

  3. Display Equipment 

    Tools Equipment that conveys information effortlessly

    A selection of wall-mounted and floor-standing tools that are suitable for indoor and outdoor solutions.

    Display Equipment can be further separated into 5 Categories:

    • Signage

    Our line of signage boards is suitable for displaying signs, posters, massages, and more in commercial and public places. At our office furniture store in Malaysia, you can find top-quality Wall Mounted Poster Frame, Display stands, Poster Frame Stand, Q-UP Stand, and Bunting Stand.

    • Plan Hanger Stand

    Our plan hanger stands are made of high-quality steel and feature lockable castors for easy stability and mobility. They are perfect for holding your A0 and A1 paper documents.

    • Newspaper Rack

    Designed to hold your newspapers, our newspaper rack collection is made with a powder-coated steel frame, featuring castors for mobility. We have many different types of newspaper racks at affordable prices.

    • Magazine Rack

    Our office furniture store has 15 types of magazine racks available for you. They come in different materials, colours, designs, and prices.

    • Easel

    Suitable for giving your paintings upright support, our easels are available in two types, wooden easel, and mini-wooden easel.

    4. Other Office Equipment

    It can be further separated into 5 Categories

    • Presentation Tool

    You can find the best quality presentation tools at the most reasonable price at our office furniture store near you in Malaysia. We offer projector screeners as well as rostrum at our store.

    • Box Storage

    Our office furniture store has five types of box storage options for you, such as Key Box, Complaint Box, Suggestion Box, Donation Box, and Lucky Box.

    • Planner Board

    To make task management easier for you, our office furniture company has designed a range of planer boards for everything, from managing your daily movement chart to yearly planning.

    • Map Board

    We have both the world map and the map of Malaysia built into a magnetic whiteboard to help with your presentation or teaching classes.

    • Other accessories such as Whiteboard Cleaner, Chalk, etc.

    Our Malaysia office furniture shop also offers other accessories, such as chalk, available in many different sizes of boxes.