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What is Notice Board?

In a Office Furniture Line, Notice Board refer to boards are designed to for information-sharing purpose.

In AY Office System, we separeted Notice Board separate into 5 categories:

  1. Notice Board
    • A board for displaying notices.
    • Available into Soft Board, Foam , Velcro, Cork, Bulletin Surface Board and etc.
  2. Dual Board
    • A combination of Whiteboard Surface + Another surface material on a board
    • Eaxmaple: Whiteboard + Foam, Whitebaord + Foam and etc.
  3. Sliding Glass Cabinet
    • A Notice board  build in/embedded into a Glass Door Cabinets.
    • Widely used in School for Display Notification.
  4. Display Panel
    • Panel or divider that can used for display to public view.
    • Widely used in Exhibition
  5. Peg Board
    •  A board having a regular pattern of small holes for pegs, used chiefly for games or the display of information.