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L Shape Office Workstation

L Shape Office Workstation

What is L Shape Office Workstation

In office line, L shape office workstation is a combination of L shape office table and office partition. Moreover, the benefits of using L shape workstation:

  • More Working Space
    • L Shape Office Workstation, provided more space for employee working.
    • Suitable for bigger office or accounting department in which required for space for documentation.
  • Better Outlook/Custom Design
    • Individual Custom: you can choose either modern or traditional design best fits your company

Moreover, the feature of AY Office System Office Workstation:

    • Available in 2 different sizes:
      • 5 X 5 and 6 X 5 for 2 seater and 4 seater.
      • The following photo showed how a 2 seater and 4 seater look like:
        2 Seater Layout For L Shape
        L Shape 2 Seater Layout

        4 Seater Layout For L Shape
        L Shape 4 Seater Layout
    • Available in 4 Color:
      • White, Light Grey, Cherry, Maple
    • Individual Customization Service
      • If you require a special sizes on particular model, then email us:
        • Company Detail: Company Name, Address and Email.
        • Product Detail: Product model, sizes, color

Furthermore, all partition workstation is on Just In Time basic. Hence, we only produce when there is an order (14 days production days).

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