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Commercial Office Doors

First of all, there is a big difference between the main entrance door that is robust, fire regulated, harder to open unauthorized, fire regulated, and most often also bigger compared to an interior door that is merely there for reducing noise in a meeting room. Main entrance doors are typically stronger glass doors with thick steel frames or larger metal and wood doors.

Type Of Office Door Common In Malaysia:

These are the following office doors that you will get are: 

  • Frameless Glass Tempered Glass Door

  • Aluminum Frame with Glass Doors

  • Aluminum Sliding doors

  • Nyatoh Plywood Door

Let’s discuss the types of office doors in detail. AY Office is here to help you with every detail:

Frameless Glass Tempered Glass Door

Tempered glass is a special type of glass that is manufactured to be up to seven times stronger than regular glass. It is essential to pre-stressed and is better for any business and commercial building. Despite its increased strength, tempered glass preserves the characteristics that make glass a desirable building material that allows natural light to enter and encourages solar heat.

Besides, when the regular shatter into jagged shards – tempered glass breaks into small pebble-like pieces. It makes it perfect for areas that are necessary to have safety glass – especially in your office areas!

Reasons To Use Frameless Tempered Glass Door In An Office Design

Here are the reasons why you must install frameless tempered glass doors and windows when considering functionality, aesthetics, and safety.

  • Enhanced Flexibility

Do you want to merge two rooms in your office space? Or do you want a patio so that nothing gets in the way? Install frameless tempered glass doors; they are flexible and offer more functionality.

  • Superior Design And Style Options

They are available with superior designs and style options. So, if you want to install them, you will have a wide array of choices.

  • Functionality Meets Aesthetics

Believe it or not, Frameless Glass Tempered Glass Door can be a beautiful accent to your office.


Aluminum Frame with Glass Doors

Aluminum door frames with glass doors perfectly complement all modern architectural designs and styles. A well-chosen aluminum door design can add to the aesthetic and elegance of your house.

The door frames that you use in your house can tell a lot about your personality and your sense of design and choice. It’s an expression of your individuality and your capability of impressing others. So, select the best door frame design that brings a lot of admiration from your guests and meet other people in your office.

Reasons To Use Aluminum Frame With Glass Doors In An Office Design

  • Cabin Doors

If you plan to have a cabin door in your office, why not use the aluminum frame with the glass doors? These doors offer the highest level of quality, transparency, and design.

  • Main Front Door

The main front door to your office will impress the visitors, even before they have entered the premises. The main door is the ultimate one to develop an opinion about your personality.

  • Sliding Doors

Sliding aluminum door frames in offices have been in vogue and are still a relevant choice for most people. They are resistant to deformation and attacks by termites and are highly durable and strong.


Aluminum Sliding Doors

Aluminum sliding doors are strong, light, and resistant to corrosion. They are the ideal settings for your office or any other establishment! Our high-performance aluminum sliding doors give your office space an architectural dimension. Besides, it keeps out street noise, pollution, rain, and gale-force winds. At the same time, they are low-maintenance, energy-efficient, and long-lasting.

The ideal option for smaller spaces such as bathrooms or closets, your office lockers, and bypass aluminum sliding doors are available with tracks placed on the top and bottom of the door.

Reasons To Use Aluminum Sliding Doors In An Office Design

Aluminum is robust in nature and completely versatile. That’s why aluminum sliding doors can add oomph to your office without compromising on security or strength.

Following are some of the key benefits of installing aluminum sliding doors and making them the ultimate option for your office or working space:

  • They are stylish

Glass doors add elegance to your office space. They are thin yet sturdy, offer unobstructed views, and are functionally perfect. So, before the renovation, you can consult with your professionals about the aluminum sliding doors.

  • Offers maximum space 

You can place furniture next to your sliding door and enjoy the beautiful views without any obstruction.  If you want to create an illusion of space for your room, install a mirroring glass in the door.

  • Resistance to moisture

One of the beneficial characteristics of the sliding doors is that they don’t swell due to moisture. As aluminum is a metal they are immune to humidity. All these factors make them a worthy investment.


Nyatoh Plywood Door

Nyatoh Plywood doors are made by a layer of nyatoh sheet glued adjacently. It is for your Main Office Doors or cabins. It is usually varnished to retain its natural wood grain. It’s majorly grouped as a softwood because it’s softer when compared to most exotic hardwood species such as oak and maple.

Workability and Uses

If you compare it with the most exotic hardwoods, nyatoh is a relatively soft wood. But, the silica content in it makes it hard on saws and shaping blades. That’s why using it as your office door is relatively beneficial.


Our Other Buying Options:

These types of doors are common and sellable doors in the Malaysian market and the price is also quite affordable and durable as well.


There is 2 type of Frameless Glass and Tempered Glass Door:

  • Tempered Glass Without Frosted

  • Tempered Glass With Frosted


There are 2 types of Aluminum Frame Glass with Tempered Glass doors:

  • Aluminum Frame Tempered Glass Door Without Frosted

  • Aluminum Frame Tempered Glass Door With Frosted

For Glass Color Option:

For Aluminum Frame Color, please choose either a standard silver color or powder coat (More Color Options are Stated in the photo below):


Here is a sample of aluminum sliding doors:

5 Color For Glass Color Option:

For Aluminum Frame Color, please choose either a standard silver color or powder coat (More Color Options are Stated in the photo below):


There is 3 type of Nyatoh Plywood Door:

  • Full Nyatoh Plywood Door

  • Half Glass Nyatoh Plywood Door

  • Side Glass Nyatoh Plywood Door

Our professionals will help you clear your queries regarding our office door installation or delivery services. Contact us, we will accomplish the task within the designated time.