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The flooring of your office space plays a crucial part in completing the overall physical atmosphere of your office. More than only selecting beautiful-looking flooring, you need to balance the form and function of the floor, so your employees can work efficiently, comfortably, and productively. The right office flooring Malaysia installation will make your office look more professional, organised, and elegant. It will give your office a colourful and pleasing effect.

At AY Office System, we offer two types of first-class flooring products, carpet flooring, and vinyl flooring. These are two of the most common types of flooring used across offices in Malaysia. The options are durable, long-lasting, affordable, easy to maintain, and perfectly blend with a range of interior types.

Carpet Flooring 

Made from woven fibre, carpet flooring is a popular way to add dimension and personality to your interior. It is a type of flooring that will never let you down. The enormous advantage of carpets will benefit you most cost-effectively. Carpets are well-known for offering compressive comfort, thermal capabilities, and excellent acoustic management. The non-slip material tends to be easier to install and also safer compared to hard materials.

We offer two different types of carpet flooring, such as carpet tile and carpet roll.

  • Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles come in pre-sized square tiles featuring integrated backing. These types of carpet flooring in Malaysia do not require a carpet pad underneath. It makes it quicker to install and reduce installation cost. Maintenance is also easier with carpet tiles as you can lift the individual tile, and clean them without disturbing their neighbours. The low-maintenance qualities of carpet tiles make them suitable for commercial spaces.

  • Carpet Rolls 

Rolled carpets come in an incredibly wide range of design options, including many colours, mosaics, patterns, and more. Rolls are laid on a carpet pad. So, even if the substrate has imperfections, carpet rolls are the perfect flooring option to hide it. The padding also offers a softer feel underfoot than carpet tiles. Our carpet rolls can be chemically welded together to create a seamless appearance on your floor.

How To Pick The Best Carpet Flooring For Your Office? 

The luxurious, soft feeling of having a high-quality carpet under your feet is unmatchable with anything. However, to get that feeling you will need to pick the best carpet for your home. Our Malaysia office flooring carpets are designed to provide you with a comfortable spot, less maintenance hassle, sound absorption qualities, and warmth.

To ensure you buy the correct carpet online from us, be sure to analyse the following factors:

  • Make sure to get padding with your carpets to conceal subfloor imperfections and improve the appearance of your finished floor. It will also help you with insulation.

  • We have plenty of options for your carpet flooring in Malaysia. Make sure the one you purchase perfectly suits your interior.

  • Compare different colours, and patterns to pick the best carpet. And also don’t forget to analyse the size of it.

Vinyl Flooring

Apart from quality carpet flooring, we also offer durable vinyl flooring that perfectly suits office spaces. Vinyl flooring composes several layers of materials to create a highly durable, affordable, and practical floor covering. We have vinyl flooring in Malaysia coming in different types to meet the individual needs, budgets, and tastes of every one of our clients.

One of the best benefits you will get from our vinyl flooring in Malaysia is its waterproof qualities. As the material is composed mainly of PVC, it can be highly resistant to water. However, to enjoy these benefits professional installation is needed. Otherwise, you may end up ruining the potential of your vinyl flooring. Good quality, well-maintained vinyl flooring can stay intact from 5 to 25 years.

How to Pick The Best Vinyl Flooring In Malaysia? 

Due to its high water resistance, vinyl flooring is suitable for a range of places. The durable Malaysia office flooring option is effortless to install and maintain. However, before you make your order, make sure that you are purchasing the right kind of vinyl flooring for your commercial space with these points:

  • Think about the usage and foot traffic your vinyl flooring will receive. Vinyl flooring can be exposed to moisture and is also suitable for high-traffic areas.

  • Vinyl flooring also comes in several forms, such as tiles and sheets. Both of these variants are water-resistant and easy to install.

  • Make sure the style or pattern you pick fits perfectly with your overall interior decoration. You may consider the size, prints, and texture to make your decision.

Best Quality Office Flooring Products In Malaysia

At AY Office System, we only offer you the best quality office flooring in Malaysia. Our products are known for being durable, long-lasting, and also pocket-friendly. They also come with a quality guarantee. The vinyl and carpet flooring we offer are designed to meet your individual needs. They come in a range of colours, textures, and types to fit in with every office interior. In addition to our top-notch products, we also offer professional installation services.

We take pride in providing transparent, quality, and convenient services in the most cost-effective and timely manner. So, when you do business with us, you never have to stress about hidden charges or delayed deliveries. You can trust us to deliver the best value for your money. No matter how big or small your office space or how complex the layout may feel to you, we know how to make you the perfect tailor-made flooring.

Our services are unmatchable to anything else. We have been in the industry for a long time, and we are more than familiar with the most common flooring needs of Malaysian offices. Our trained and skilled experts know how to deliver complete customer satisfaction to each of our clients. So, if you are looking for a reliable place to shop for Malaysia office flooring products or materials, be sure to reach us. We have a highly responsive customer support team who is always here to guide you on every step, from the initial call to the delivery or installation of the products. Contact us now!