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Gypsum Board Partition


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Office partitioning is a modern and exclusive way of structuring and spacing the office for the sake of the workers. Instead of installing permanent separating walls, partitioning with different office partitions like glass office partitions, aluminum partition systems, portable office partitions, cubicles, etc will look more beautiful and appropriate.

Here, We, AY Office System have separated our board partition into 3 different types which are;

  • Gypsum Board Partition

For its inherent fire resistance property, gypsum board is commonly known as drywall. It is the top-quality building material for wall, ceiling, and partition systems in institutional and commercial structures.

This is yet another option that we provide to customers, in case they do not prefer the aluminum glass partition. It is a good choice and here is why:

    • Cost-effective

    • The outlook is 80% close to a brick wall after plaster and paint

    • One of the faster ways to build an office partition

    • Easy to match with various sizes of glass or window.

  • Frameless Glass Partition

    The glass offers a minimalistic look with clean lines and visual transparency. There are several merits of using glass to partition your space, for instance:

    • It gives your premises that modern office look

    • Easy to clean

    • Light and effective

    • Comfort is assured at the office therefore; employees will be more motivated thus more productivity and efficiency.

  • Aluminum Frame with Glass Partition

The glasses are framed with aluminum profiles that you can use for separating office and production spaces. The panels rest on feet and are connected by means of fixing clamps. They can be filled with glass panels.

This category comes in a simple but sophisticated style. It is where you have an aluminum frame with a glass partition. Therefore, there is that extra protection to your glass.

What Are The Advantages Of Installing Aluminum Frame Glass Partitions?

    • It provides a modern office or corporate look

    • Easy to clean

    • Very effective for lighting your premises

    • Comes with an aesthetic value

    • Comfort working environment directed towards more efficiency and productivity among employees

    • Aluminum glass partitioning ensures easy sharing of office space.

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