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Office Window And Blinding

Blinds do not just have a massive impact on the comfort levels within an office, but they also offer many other benefits as well. Good quality blinds can help control the light and glare that can disturb your employees on computers. They provide adequate privacy when for external facing windows and interior office windows as well. They improve security, and comfort, enhance your work environment, and give your office an overall professional look.

In addition to all those advantages, good quality Malaysia office window blinds can reduce your heating and air conditioning costs. At AY Office System, we have a wide range of office windows and blinds available for you. Our office windows and blinds in Malaysia present a unique way to incorporate your favourite colours into your office space. Our office binds are hassle-free to install, affordable, and will provide your office with privacy and security for years to come.

We mainly provide three types of office window blinds in Malaysia, such as Roller Window Blind, Venetian Window Blind, and PV Strip Curtain Blind.

Roller Window Blind

A roller blind is a single piece of fabric which wraps around a casing and fits into the top of your window frame. The Roller blind is operated by a pull cord attached to the bottom of the blind or by a sidewinding chain mechanism attached to the blind casing. They are one of the most popular products for interior decoration in Malaysia offices. Our office furniture store offers quality roller blinds that will instantly add more elegance and style to your office interior.

Here’s everything you need to know about our roller window blind:

  • Roller blinds are highly effective for better light management. Their mechanisms and functions allow you to control the entry of light and provide privacy. You can choose between light and dark colour blinds based on your light preferences.

  • Roller blinds are conveniently easy to maintain. Even if there’s a stain on your blinds, you can just use a damp cloth to remove them. And with our Malaysia office window and blinding services, you can also get hassle-free installation.

  • Most roller blinds make good thermal insulators. They can help make the high temperature less effective indoors.

  • Roller window blinds come in a range of different materials and styles, such as blackout roller blinds, solar roller blinds, fibre roller blinds, and polyester roller blinds.


The structure of Venetian blinds is pretty simple. They feature horizontal slats made with either wood or metal. The slats are held up by ladder cords that can raise, lower and tilt the blinds. You can easily adjust them to let in more or less light. There are usually three types of Venetian window blinds, Wooden, Bamboo, and Aluminum. Our Malaysia office furniture shop offers the best quality Venetian window blinds.

While Aluminum Venetian blinds are best for modern spaces, the wooden ones look the most natural. They also offer more impressive thermal insulation to keep you cool in summer.

Here’s what you need to know about them: 

  • Venetian blinds work well solo or in pair with other window coverings or curtains. You can combine wooden blinds with curtains to create a crisp look. They are also highly versatile, so you can install them in any area you want to.

  • Office Venetian blinds in Malaysia work well with kitchens and bathrooms because of their resistance to a moderate amount of moisture.

  • Like roller blinds, Venetian blinds are also quite easy to maintain. Our blinds are made with smooth, non-porous surfaces that make them easily wipeable.

  • Venetian blinds are extremely easy to customise. All we have to do is cut down the slats in size.


PVC strip curtains are an excellent way to limit the movement of pests or contaminants on your premises. The PVC curtains we offer are also effective for preventing cold loss or heat loss from controlled temperature environments.

Here’s more on our top-notch PVC strip curtain blinds in Malaysia:

  • PVC curtains are one of the most cost-effective industrial barriers. They are simple, low-maintenance, have no moving parts, and are also easy to install.

  • These curtains are perfect for storage areas as they are effective at preventing cold loss. It will help you reduce spoilage and have less frost build-up in your refrigerated areas.

  • PVC curtains are also effective for reducing noise. Careful installation of these curtains can work as a great noise isolation method in your factory or warehouse.

  • As PVC curtains prevent the movement of dust and contaminants, they also help keep your workplace clean and safer.

Selecting The Best Office Window And Blinding In Malaysia

To make sure you are picking up the best Malaysia office window and blinding, you first need to determine your priorities. Do you need a blind that will reduce noise? Or are you looking for simpler functions and minimal style? You also need to check on your budget and make sure the one you get is long-lasting and durable. You may further analyse the maintenance needs of the materials and how they fit your interiors. Asking the right answers will help you determine which Malaysia office window and blinding are best for you.

Shop Quality Office Window And Blinds With Us

At AY Office System, we offer the best quality Malaysia office window and blinding products at the most competitive rates. Our products can be painted, sized and customised based on your office interior. Each of our office blinds is made of the best quality materials available. They are designed to provide your comfort, privacy, thermal insulation, noise reduction, glair control and much more.

We offer prompt and custom-friendly services with great responsibility and honesty. With us, you never have to face inconvenience regarding the product quality, cancel deliveries, or hidden charges. We specialise in providing custom office furniture for all kinds of workspaces. No matter how big or small your office project is, we have the knowledge, experience and tools to handle it. All of our professionals are trained and highly skilled. Thus, you never have to face any unprofessionalism throughout the job. Please contact us to know more about us or place an order for our products.