Wiring And Lighting Installation

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The electrical wiring systems and lighting installation of your office should be standardised with several rules, regulations, and laws. They should be installed correctly and safely to make your office a functional and comfortable place to work in. If the quality of your electric wires and lights is low or if the installations are carried out incorrectly, then it may lead to incidents like short circuits, electric shocks, damaged electric appliances, malfunctioning devices and reduced capacity of your technologies.

In addition to being a safety hazard, low-quality wiring and lighting can lead to an unorganised workplace, put strain on your employees’ eyes and lead to a fatigued workforce. And to prevent all these issues, AY Office System, your best office furniture shop in Malaysia, brings you the best quality wiring and lighting for offices. Our products will keep your workforce energised and let them reach their maximum potential.

Whether it is a big or small Malaysia wiring and lighting installation project, we can provide you with all the essentials you need for it to be completed. We always strive to offer you the best value for your money. Therefore, we don’t just offer wiring and lighting products, but also help install them.

Here’s more on our products and their benefits:

Wiring Installation On Ceiling

Electric wires play a crucial role in ensuring that the electrical circuit conductance stays at the optimum level. We offer high-quality electrical wires and tools for wiring installation on ceilings in Malaysia to prevent overheating and underlying risk factors of fire. Here are the benefits you can get from our Malaysia wiring installation services:

  • Our tin-coated copper wires and electric circuits make sure that the electricity output is at its best. You can opt for the bare copper wires if you want your office to be foolproof. Our products are durable and come with a performance guarantee.

  • We provide our Malaysia wiring and lighting installation services with products from market-leading brands. With the best class copper coating, our wires will effortlessly go through your ceiling, while maintaining the aesthetics and safety of your office.

  • Our wires come with greater capacity and they are capable of taking and stabilising the load to prevent malfunctions.

  • From us, you can also get a variety of material wires. The wire size and material insulation can dramatically affect the efficiency of the cables.

To choose the right wiring for your office, think about wire insulation, sizes of the cables, cable material like aluminium and copper and the colour of wire insulation. All of these factors can have a major effect on the performance and installation of the wires.

Lighting Installation

We can help you create a positive vibe at your workplace by providing you with the best quality office lighting installation in Malaysia. We have a range of different styles and capacity of office lights suitable for a range of environments. Here’s what you can expect from us regarding our products:

  • Our efficient LED lighting will improve your operating costs. They will lower your energy consumption because LED fixtures burn significantly fewer watts for the same light output.

  • The high-quality Malaysia office lighting installation we provide involves a lot less maintenance. You don’t need to replace them like regular ballasts and bulbs.

  • Our long-lasting ceiling lights create a brighter and cleaner workspace. They promote better visibility and improve employees’ accuracy and concentration, and overall work performance.

  • Adequate lighting is vital for workplaces with heavy machinery. Dimly lit areas coupled with a lack of awareness can result in accidents and flickering lights can lead to frustrated employees.

To pick the best lighting for your office, there are a few things you should consider, including light intensity, the right type and a number of fixtures, and switches. Underlit areas can put a strain on your eyes, while overlit areas can lead to glare. Also, be sure to align your fixtures with your tables. For small square tables, consider single fixtures and for long shared tables you can choose wider fixtures.

Office Workstation Wiring

The effectiveness and efficiency of your workforce depend on several factors, including how their workstations are organised. The cables of their laptops, phones and monitors should be dealt with with care, functionality and aesthetics in mind. As a part of our wiring and lighting installation in Malaysia, we offer professional workstation wiring installation products and services.

By applying innovative methods, we ensure an aesthetically pleasing arrangement of cables with cable ducts and other quality tools. We make sure to provide your employees easy access to media during crucial events, like meetings regardless of your media ports and number of wires.

  • With cable outlets, cable ducts, and notches in the sliding tops and desktop edges, we will make sure your staff enjoy an aesthetically pleasing and functional cable arrangement for all your devices.

  • The cables and wires will only create chaos lying around your desk surface. Our experts will provide you with media ports, equipped with many power sockets, USB ports, and internet sockets to avoid unnecessary breaks and distracted participants.

  • Wires are not the most aesthetically pleasing thing to look at. So, we will help you hide and manage them all by using vertical and horizontal wire trunkings.

When organising your cables, you may use inconspicuous surfaces to help simplify the appearance of cables. You can use the underside of the tables or the back edges of the desks to hide the cables.

Best Wiring And Lighting Installation In Malaysia

We are the leading Malaysia office furniture shop offering premium light and wiring installation services in Malaysia. We are highly engaged in providing supreme quality office workstation wiring, ceiling wiring and lighting installation services. Our trained professionals are familiar with all the latest development and technology in the industry. They specialise in rendering these services to the individual needs of our clients. Our work comes with complete customer satisfaction guarantees.

No matter how complex your wiring or lighting needs are, we have the products and equipment to handle them. Our services come without any hidden charges attached. So, let us take care of your Malaysia office wiring and lighting installation, while you sit back and relax. Contact us to know more about our services today!