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Bellatrix Arm Sofa – AF 001


Tempest Arm Sofa – AF 002


Joseline Arm Sofa – AF 003


Diamond Arm Sofa – AF 004


Orion Arm Sofa – AF 005


Paris Arm Sofa – AF 006


Garnet Arm Sofa – AF 007


Ambrosia Arm Sofa – AF 008


Averill Arm Sofa – AF 009


Designer Home Sofa, A Home Sofa Design For Leisure

In AY Office System, Designer Sofa is a collection of one seater arm sofa special designed for leisure.

Designer Sofa Product Specification:

All Sofa is Made by High Density Foam Seating.
All Sofa is Made by Non- Water Repellent Fabric.
All Sofa  are produce base on Just In Time basic.

No Ready Stock
No Physical Showroom .

Why You Should Buy From Us?

In AY Shop, Extra Benefits given to our customer compared to Other Shop.

1 + 1 Year Sofa Warranty, Term and Condition Apply.

Extra Free One Year Factory Warranty.

3 Week Delivery Promise, ship direct from Factory.

If Exceed 3 Week, Extra special discount is granted:

21-25 Days, 25% discount.
26-30 Days, 50% discount.
Above 33 Days, Free One Units (100% Discount).

Convenience Payment Gateway (Credit Card/Debt Card/Online Bank Transfer Payment all is allowed.

Let have a look on Our Designer Sofa!