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Wall Mounted

It is cheapest air cond type compared to ceiling cassette and exposed, It is the ‘easy fit’ ones are supplied with the interconnecting pipework and cable in a plastic sheath or ‘umbilical cord’ which has a quick connect end. The system including the pipe is pre-charged with refrigerant and is designed so that the unit can be installed be an electrician or even by someone competent in DIY.

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Ceiling Cassette

This type of air Cond is typically common in office with suspended ceiling. The bulk of the unit is unseen as it is above the ceiling line and the only visible part is the decorative lower facing with its central inlet grille and 4 edge outlet louvers.

The main advantage of these units is aesthetics, but also that a centrally mounted unit can deliver an increased cooling (or heating) capacity across a wide area because of the air being distributed in 4 directions. Typically, a single ceiling cassette air conditioner can do the same job as 3 or 4 wall mounted units.

Ceiling Exposed

This is another Air Cond option for commerce office where there is no suspended ceiling to install a ceiling cassette. Similar to ceiling cassette, Ceiling Exposedair conditioner can do the same job as 2 or 3 wall mounted units.

Generally, they are designed to lift air vertically into the unit and discharge treated air horizontally along the ceiling avoiding direct discharge directly onto occupants, and some allow air discharge from four sides.

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