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Air Conditioner Installation Service

Do you want to install an air conditioner for your home or business? If you want to buy an air conditioning unit or install your own system, you can choose us, AY Office for the best. We will help you save your money and assist you to obtain the results you require.

Air Conditioning Unit Installation Advantages

  • High performance

  • Heating and also cooling down features

  • Refined and inconspicuous

  • Long-lasting solution

That’s why picking an air conditioner that is available with a leading effectiveness rating is an exclusive way to aid keep your power usage down and expenses low. From AY Office you can buy Wall Mounted, Ceiling Cassette, and Ceiling Exposed ACs.

Let’s each of them in detail:

Wall Mounted Air Conditioners

It is the cheapest air cond type compared to ceiling cassette and exposed. The ‘easy fit’ ones are supplied with the interconnecting pipework and cable in a plastic sheath or ‘umbilical cord’ which has a quick connect end. The system including the pipe is pre-charged with refrigerant and is designed so that the unit can be installed by an electrician or even by someone competent in DIY.

That’s why when it comes to buying wall-mounted air conditioners, home or business owners may wonder if they are investing in a worthy product. A wall-mounted split system air conditioner can be an important investment in your property, so you need to feel confident that you are proceeding with the perfect option. Here are just three of the benefits offered by this type of air conditioner.

Benefits Of Installing Wall Mounted Air Conditioners


Wall-mounted air conditioning systems are one of the best options for those looking for a budget-friendly solution to air conditioning needs. The wall-mounted units are popular as they are more affordable than window units, have centralized systems, or even portable units. As they are very energy efficient, the costs of this type of system are far lower than others.

More Aesthetically Pleasing:

Your homes will not be aesthetically compromised, with wall-mounted air conditioners. The sleek and smart design of the wall air conditioner states that it can be placed anywhere in the room without compromising the amount of light or view from the window.

Slimmer and Smaller:

Than their older counterparts, modern wall-mounted units are designed to be slimmer and smaller. It means that this style of decor will fit anywhere without compromising the beauty of the room. Besides, a wall-mounted unit causes very little damage to decor during installation.


Another great advantage of the wall-mounted air conditioning units is that there are multiple options available. From us, you can buy a range of wall-mounted appliances, in different sizes, capacities, and efficiencies.


The versatility allows you to ensure that your rooms feel comfortable regardless of the time of year. Many models also feature timers and other advanced features that allow to increase energy savings and reduce your electricity bills even during summer seasons.

Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioners

This type of air Cond is typically common in offices with suspended ceilings. The bulk of the unit is unseen as it is above the ceiling line and the only visible part is the decorative lower facing with its central inlet grille and 4 edge outlet louvers.

The main advantage of these units is aesthetics, but also that a centrally mounted unit can deliver an increased cooling (or heating) capacity across a wide area because of the air being distributed in 4 directions. Typically, a single ceiling cassette air conditioner can do the same job as 3 or 4 wall-mounted units.

Read further to learn the six advantages of ceiling cassette air-conditioning systems.

Benefits Of Installing Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioners

Better Air Distribution:

You will experience a better cooling effect as you can install these units on the ceiling. The main thing is that the cooling effect will not be restricted to a particular area – it will rotate all around the room. Ceiling cassette air-conditioning systems have huge fans that evenly distribute cool air over large areas.

Free From Noise:

The condenser of Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioners is located outside the building which keeps the inside quiet. With this, you can enjoy the air-conditioned environment in a less noisy space by installing ceiling cassette air conditioning systems.

Less Space Consumed:

The excellent ambiance is arguably one of the main points that you must consider while installing Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioners. With these units, you won’t have to compromise any of the office or the house place and you have the freedom to design your living space’s ambiance.

Budget-friendly Units:

You can achieve the same cooling effect without burning your pockets. Besides, the ceiling cassette air-conditions systems are energy efficient – no extra burden on your electricity bills.

Ceiling Exposed Air Conditioners

This is another Air Cond option for a commercial office where there is no suspended ceiling to install a ceiling cassette. Similar to the ceiling cassette, the Ceiling Exposedair conditioner can do the same job as 2 or 3 walls mounted units.

Generally, they are designed to lift air vertically into the unit and discharge treated air horizontally along the ceiling avoiding direct discharge directly onto occupants, and some allow air discharge from four sides.

This type of Ceiling Exposed Air conditioner are ideal for:

  • Large open plan spaces

  • Spaces that don’t have a false ceiling

  • IT networking computer rooms

  • Server rooms

Benefits of suspended air conditioning systems

There are plenty of advantages to choosing a suspended air conditioner unit for your commercial space, including:

  • It produces a steady flow of air over a large area.

  • The suspended air conditioner systems are extremely quiet when in operation.

  • This air con causes minimum disruption.

  • You will fall in love with the slim and lightweight designs.

  • They are very quick and easy to install.

  • It’s very simple to clean and maintain.

  • The items are cost-effective

  • Models available with multi-directional airflow.

  • Programmable and energy-efficient.

  • Controlled remotely.

So, if you want to buy Wall Mounted, Ceiling Cassette, and Ceiling Exposed ACs from AY Office, then place your order now! We will deliver the units to your provided location within the designated time.