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Built-in furniture or fitted furniture are those that are attached to the structure of your office, for instance, kitchen cabinets. These types of furniture are designed to last. They are durable, and can easily last the test of time. In addition to that, these types of furniture are also more customisable. We can let you select the type of material you want to use or the colour that you think would flatter your office the most for creating the furniture.

Our built-in furniture service is perfect for the tightest spaces and the most cramped spaces. We can make even the most awkward corners of your office useful and practical. You can use the built-in furniture to add more storage, redefine the space, and unique personal touch to your office as well. Overall, they are a great value for your money.

At AY Office System, we provide two main types of build-in furniture: 

1. Kitchen Cabinets 

Whether you need to enhance your organisation to create a complete look in your office kitchen or gain more space, built-in cupboards are an ideal choice for improving the functionality and aesthetic value of this area of your office. Here are some more advantages of having built-in kitchen cabinets:

  • The ultimate goal of having tailor-made built-in kitchen cabinets is to give you the storage space you require in your kitchen. Built-in cabinets will allow you to consider your available space dimension and create unique storage solutions in accordance with the rest of the settings. With our built-in furniture service in Malaysia, you will be able to achieve whatever you desire with your cabinets within your budget.

  • Built-in kitchen cabinets are not just more durable, but also they are easier to clean. With them, you won’t have to move any heavy furniture to clean them. They will be more accessible and, based on the material you pick, they can be very effortless to clean.

  • If you are looking for a practical and functional storage solution, built-in cabinets are your best bet. They can be made to suit any size or shape of the kitchen and fit into your chosen design with no renovation.

Due to the humid environment in the kitchen area, ordinary furniture is not suitable. And that is why AY Office System offers Malaysia built-in-furniture services with custom use of water-resistant material to build kitchen cabinets. We provide our services with the goal of helping our clients save their time and get the most out of their investments.

2. Built-in Wardrobe, Filing Cabinets, and Reception Counter

Shopping for the perfect office furniture can feel like a daunting task. So, why not go for custom built-in ones? At AY Office System, we offer the best Malaysian built-in furniture services for offices. No matter what type, size, or colour of pieces you want, we guarantee to deliver all of them in the most cost-effective and timely manner.

We use top-of-the-line tools and quality materials, like MDF board to create the perfect built-in furniture for our clients. From us, you can get a custom built-in wardrobe, filing cabinets, reception counter, and much more. Here are some of the biggest advantages you can get from our built-in furniture services:

  • Unlike free-standing wardrobes, with our built-in furniture services in Malaysia, you can have wardrobes that are made to fit into your space. Whether you want to have your wardrobes in the L-shaped corners or designed around your windows, we can help. We will help you maximise your space and utilise it in the best way possible.

  • Built-in filing cabinets can be amazingly time-saving. They will help keep everything organised and in order, so your employees won’t have to waste any time searching through piles of papers. It will give them the opportunity to maximise productivity. In addition to that, you can design them as per your storage needs to keep all your vital documents in one place.

  • Your office reception is one of the first points of contact your visitors make with your business. It creates a link between the management and the visitors. Keeping that in mind, having a professional and sophisticated-looking reception is vital. With a built-in reception table, you can personalise the colour, material, and theme and finish of it to match your brand, office interior, and personal preferences.

  • Built-in office furniture with enough storage and convenient functionality can encourage the productivity of your employees. They will help keep everything organised, so there will be less room for miscommunication, among employees.

If you are looking to get furniture for the long run, built-in furniture services are your best option. Once you get them installed from us, you won’t have to stress about moving them repeatedly, damaging their structure, fading paint, and other issues. In addition to that, when you do business with our built-in furniture service in Malaysia, you will have access to a plethora of colour options and material options to perfectly suit your office.

Complete Malaysia Built-In Furniture Service

Your workplace should be able to encourage your productivity instead of making every task more complicated for you. Our skilled and trained professionals will spend time with you to understand exactly what you need to make your office efficient and maximise productivity.

Specialising in manufacturing, supplying, and installing an array of built-in furniture for offices, we hold many years of experience in the fitted furniture industry. We are confident in delivering the best possible furniture that will provide truly remarkable value for your money. All our products can be modified extensively to suit your needs, style, and layout of the office. Our experts will create all the furniture upon the exact measurement of your office. Our designers will help you pick the style, structure, finishes, and colours best suited to the interior of your office.

In addition to the best Malaysia built-in furniture service, we also offer workplace design services. Our experts have years of experience under their belt in unique interior design, and space planning that will help you save cost and set up your modern workplace within your budget. So, contact us now!