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Office Ceiling

Office Ceiling Services

The office ceiling plays a major role in sound absorption and propagation creating a perfect ambiance inside the office. The ultimate function of a ceiling in a closed space is to prevent sound transmission between adjacent rooms and even when these spaces share a common plenum.

Office employees getting disturbed by the unwanted noise is one of the leading factors in reduced effectiveness, workplace dissatisfaction, and higher stress. Besides, unwanted noise leads to speech privacy where your employees might hear loud, unwanted conversations from other people sharing the same environment.

A study has proved that 75% of office workers are unhappy with the lack of speech privacy and constant numbing noise in their workplace. That’s why you can install our strip ceiling or suspended ceiling for the best.

Office Ceiling Can Be Divided Into 2 Types:

  • Strip Ceiling

  • Suspended Ceiling

What Is Strip Ceiling? 

Strip Ceiling means waterproof and resistant to heat ceiling. It will give the office a modern look. The strip ceilings of AY Office offer a technically perfect ceiling system that has other additional capabilities. They are made of superior quality materials like aluminum or steel. You can find a wide array of colors as per your choice.

The strip ceilings are being manufactured in varieties of sizes, different widths, and at any desired length. It means you can personalize the designs on your own. All the gathered features make them a perfect solution for many applications and designs.

One of the main reasons that offices, industries, and other organizations install-strip ceilings are that they are easily adaptable to light fixtures, vents, conditioning, ventilation, etc. besides, they are moisture-resistant, durable, and easy to install and provide important fire resistance to the building.

The Advantages Of Strip Ceiling In The Workplace

Strip aluminum ceilings are used for the residential buildings, the interior of sports facilities, cottages, administrative, office, medical, shopping and entertainment centers, spools, saunas, hotels, and restaurants. Mostly, they are ideal for commercial spaces. The general benefit that everyone is familiar with the strip ceiling is that it enhances the aesthetic appearance and proportion of interior spaces.

However, this is not the end – there are the advantages of having them:

  • The Strip ceiling hides the ducting and structural elements that hinder the beauty of the room.

  • It works as a heat insulator. It keeps your workspace and office area cozy and warm during winter and cooler during the summer. As it doesn’t allow the cold air of your air conditioner to go out of the room.

  • The strip ceilings work as an acoustical barrier that reduces the echo problems. If your employees are constantly complaining about unnecessary noises, it’s time to install new strip ceilings.

  • Strip ceilings are also beneficial to install as they act as a fire separator if the material used in making ceiling tiles are fire-rated wood panels or mineral fiber.

  • The space left between the ceiling and struts tiles acts as a duct that carries all the wires and the hidden lighting system. It keeps the interior design of the office intact and doesn’t overshadow the looks.


What Is Suspended Ceiling?

Suspended ceilings are secondary ceilings suspended from the structural floor slab above, creating a void between the top of the suspended ceiling and the underside of the floor slab. The gap between a structural floor and the suspended ceiling above is often between 3 to 8 inches. That’s why they are often referred to as dropped ceilings or false ceilings.

Suspended ceilings are very popular in commercial and industrial properties as they offer a huge and beneficial space to conceal or hide unsightly wires and installations that thoroughly destroys the interior appearance of the building.

The space you will gain through the installed suspended ceiling has proved useful for the distribution of ventilation, heating, and air conditioning (HVAC) services, plumbing, and wiring services. They can also be useful for light fittings, installation of speakers, motion detectors, sprinklers, providing a platform for the wireless antenna,  CCTV, fire and smoke detectors, and so on.

The Advantages Of Suspended Ceiling In The Workplace

If you use the unused space above your and employees’ heads can improve the functionality, style, and practicality. These are the listed benefits that your office will gain with the installation of a suspended ceiling.

We’ve listed the benefits that your office will gain with the implementation of a suspended ceiling.

  • It hides pipes, wires, and ductwork. It’s an alternative to performing potentially costly repairs.

  • Just like strip ceilings, suspended ceilings also help with soundproofing. Installing these ceilings will improve the acoustic qualities meaning that the noise pollution from above the floor is reduced to a greater extent.

  • Suspended ceilings are available in a variety of styles, finishes, colors, and textures.

  • It is resistant to moisture and mold. It means that your office space will be more hygienic and healthy. It improves the installation of the building which means you can keep the heat in that reduces your energy expenses and makes the business more energy efficient.

Why Should You Choose AY Office System?

The quality of our services makes us stand apart from the rest. And, we are very experienced in providing services related to office ceiling. We have proudly completed our suspended ceiling service on projects for commercial and industrial facilities. Our professionals will help you clear your queries regarding our office ceiling installation or delivery services. Contact us, we will accomplish the task within the designated time.