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The main entrance or the door of your office is the very first and the last thing that someone notices. That’s why you must select the best office door so that someone notices it. From, AY Office you can collect the best doors for your office. Importantly, it’s a good investment because for a long duration it will not ask for regular maintenance apart from cleaning.

However, if you’re buying a door for your new office the first time, you need to keep certain things in mind.

  • Material

  • Hanging Design

  • Security

  • Color

  • Installation

And, all our office doors have met all the above-mentioned criteria.

Type Of Office Door Common In Malaysia:

  • Frameless Glass Tempered Glass Door

  • Aluminum Frame with Glass Doors

  • Aluminum Sliding doors

  • Nyatoh Plywood Door

These types of doors are common and sellable doors in the Malaysian market and the price is also quite affordable and durable as well. Now, let’s discuss the types of office doors in each category.


The frameless glass doors are a stylish and contemporary option and are ideal for use where additional light is required in a room. The frameless glass tempered glass doors are toughened glass, have stronger resistance to thermal breakage, and withstand abrupt temperature changes of 220°C. They are 5 times harder than ordinary glass and are ideal for applications like office partitions, office doors, glass doors, and glass windows. There are 2 types of Frameless Glass Tempered Glass Door: Tempered Glass Without Frosted and Tempered Glass With Frosted.

  • Tempered Glass Without Frosted

The physical appearance is commonly used to differentiate between tempered and frosted glass. However, the tempered glass without frosts is stronger than the normal glass. It is made stronger by drastically subjecting the glass to extreme hot and cold temperatures.

That’s why its safety measures are high and don’t break easily. Even if it does, it shatters into small round pebbles that do not cause more injuries and are not difficult to clean up.

Other than the normal glass, tempered glasses are stronger because of their manufacturing process. It is strengthened by being heated up and drastically cooled down. They are so strong that they can withstand blows, strong winds, and drastic weather changes.

  • Tempered Glass With Frosted

The frosted tempered glasses are made with the aim of making glass opaque yet translucent. They are ideal for your office door as they offer privacy and elegance.

Frosted glass is made through an acid-etching process to create decorative patterns and to make it translucent. This type of glass solves the drawback of installing transparent glasses.



AY Office brings to you the finest, most impeccably designed, and sturdiest aluminum doors for your office spaces. Our collection consists of the world’s most aesthetic and user-friendly aluminum door designs. Engineered with sophisticated advanced technology, our aluminum glass door is a one-of-a-kind innovation. These stylish doors are enough to transform your office into an archetype of sheer perfection and durability. Come experience the elegance of modern spaces with our high-tech and intelligently designed aluminum doors. There are 2 types of Aluminum Frame Glass: Aluminum Frame Tempered Glass Door With Frosted and Aluminum Frame Tempered Glass Door Without Frosted.

  • Aluminum Frame Tempered Glass Door Without Frosted

These glass doors are attractive and make a powerful design statement. They are versatile and can be used throughout the office areas. Doors can be finished in traditional clear as well as frosted for privacy.

One of the useful benefits of installing aluminum tempered glass is its safety. They are stronger and resist breakage. That’s why installing tempered glass in home windows and doors keeps family members safe.

  • Aluminum Frame Tempered Glass Door With Frosted

The aluminum frosted tempered glass allows natural light to enter the room and also regulates the Ultra Violet Rays. If there is a lot of exposure to UV rays, it can discolor the interior décor. For their translucent property, they allow natural light to enter the house.

It helps to achieve privacy because an individual can barely see through the frosted sandblasted glass and it gives a blurry vision and still allows natural light in the office.

For Aluminum Frame Color, please choose either a standard silver color or powder coat (More Color Options are Stated in the photo below):

3. Aluminum Sliding doors

Most people prefer aluminum sliding doors over conventional doors as they occupy less space and are very compact. It provides an elegant and glossy look that enhances the aesthetic space. These doors are durable and more secure than the other doors. And, this makes them ideal as an office doors. They are easy to operate and maintenance-free. Easy gliding facility Helps in saving space Allows ample natural light proper ventilation Protects from air and noise pollution as they are airtight Eco-friendly option and Energy-efficient

4. Side Glass Nyatoh Plywood Door

Nyatoh Plywood doors are made by a layer of nyatoh sheet glued adjacently. It is for your Main Office Doors or cabins. It is usually varnished to retain its natural wood grain. It’s majorly grouped as a softwood because it’s softer when compared to most exotic hardwood species such as oak and maple.

Why Choose AY Office?

Quality Assurance & Testing

Our office doors can withstand the harshest of weather while offering an exclusive design perfect for your office spaces.

Surface & Color Perfection

The products are safeguarded with a special protective coating, thereby providing higher life and long-lasting luster.

On-Time Delivery

Go ahead and take a pick from our collection of exquisite door designs. Rest assured knowing that we will deliver and install our doors at the agreed turnaround time.

Flexible Door Price

Our collection of exclusive door designs comes in the most budget-friendly price range. Even our luxurious aluminum doors with glass prices are cost-effective for all office owners.

Our professionals will help you clear your queries regarding our office door installation or delivery services. We are very fast and convenient. Contact us, we will accomplish the task within the designated time.

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