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Window blinds are a crucial part of modern office decor. Their importance goes way beyond beauty. With the right window blinds, you can protect the interiors of your office from harsh UV rays. Depending on the material you pick, window blinds can offer excellent insulation. They keep your Malaysia office furniture, walls and floors looking good for a long time.

Malaysia office window and blinding services reduce glare and help your employees concentrate on their work. They work to create a healthy environment for you, helping bring more privacy to your workplace and save energy as well.

At AY Office System, we offer professional office window and blinding services at the most affordable rates. We offer various types of window blinds with attractive patterns that will perfectly reflect the personality of your office.


Vertical window blinds consist of a headrail and blades which are vertical strips of fabric. The headrail stretches the length of the window with the blades hanging from it. You may generally see them being drawn across the window by cords or wands. It allows them to be tilted for privacy and light control. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy from vertical window blind installation services:

  • Due to their appearance, vertical window blinds are perfect for large glass or sliding office windows. The blinds look classy, perfectly complimenting the shape, and they make the room appear bigger.

  • The tilt and angle capabilities of vertical window blinds are perfect for blocking the sunlight while still being able to see what is going on outside.

  • Vertical windows are highly versatile and add a very neat look to your space. They also come in a range of materials, textures, styles and finishes.

  • Depending on the fabric, vertical window blindings can be pretty easy to clean and maintain. You can either clean the slates with a damp cloth or unhinge them to give them a quick wash.

  • Additionally, the vertical lines also make your ceiling appear higher. They can make your workspace appear more organised and well-maintained.


The flexibility offered by roller window blinds in Malaysia is one of a kind. A roller window blind is a single piece of fabric that wraps around a casing and fits into the top of your window frame. The roller blind is operated by a pull cord attached to the bottom of the blind or by a sidewinding chain mechanism attached to the blind casing.

With the correct design plate, the blinds can fit into any room you want, be it the kitchen, or the bathroom. Here are some of the best benefits you can enjoy with roller window blinds:

  • A Roller window blind can work as a great sunscreen for your interiors. They are easy to operate, whether they are chain driven or motorised.

  • They also allow you to link multiple blinds together to open them simultaneously, at once. Roller window blinds in Malaysia can also effectively regulate room temperature.

  • Roller blinds are highly durable due to their design. Besides their sturdy structure, their top-tier operating systems are also known for longevity. These blinds stay like new for years without getting dull in sunlight.

  • Roller blinds can be dusted and cleaned with minimal attention. They are almost maintenance-free. Just wipe with a wet cloth to eliminate the dust particles with an easy wipe.


Venetian window blinds are window blinds with horizontal slats held up by cords that raise, lower and tilt the blinds. Basically, it can be further separated into 3 types which are Bamboo, Aluminium and Wooden Type.

In other words, customers choose the Venetian window blind based on the material they prefer. And our Malaysia office and window blind experts will create the perfect blinds based on your office. Here are the biggest advantages you can get from Venetian window blind installation in Malaysia:

  • Venetian blinds can be highly effective to prevent glare and increase productivity. Light glare can be truly distracting when it reflects off computer screens and surfaces. It can also cause damage to your furniture and devices. These blinds can prevent these damages and make working more comfortable.

  • Venetian blinds can bring much relief from the heat on the Summer days. It can also prevent your computers and devices from overheating. You can easily tilt the blinds to prevent heat from accumulating and stagnating.

  • Venetian blinds have been used by high society for a reason. They instantly add a classic and sophisticated feel to your room without being distracting.

  • Aluminium Venetian blinds are much more cost-effective compared to other blinds. Plus, they can be customised to match any colour.


PVC strip curtains are typically used to create separation between two areas. It is an easy and cost-effective way to separate workspaces as It helps to control the loss of cold/warm air and humidity. Hence, this helps to save power consumption of air conditioning systems.

Furthermore, it also helps to reduce noise pollution and prevent Dust, UV rays and Insects from going into the workspace. It is why these curtains are commonly used in Warehouses. We use the best quality materials and tools to create PVC strip curtain blinds for Malaysia office windows and blinding needs.

  • Strip curtains are the best option for people with a tight budget. They are the cheapest kind of industrial barrier and suitable for anyone looking to add more protection to their premises.

  • You can often see strip curtains being used or freezers and fridges as they are highly effective at preventing cold loss. You can reduce spoilage by adding strip curtains to your refrigerated rooms.

  • One of the most significant benefits of strip curtains is that they can reduce noise. You have to make sure you install them at the right place in your office.

  • Strip curtains can also reduce the movement of contaminants and become a barrier for the flies, birds, and mosquitoes passing through your window.

Professional Office Window And Blinding Services In Malaysia

No matter which type of office window and blinding services you need, our experts have the resources to fulfil them. We are the top Malaysia office furniture manufacturer offering the most prompt and quality services at competitive rates. So, contact us to know more!