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Electrical Wiring is another common service within the office and shop renovation. Proper Wiring and lighting installation service play a crucial role in office renovation. Incorrect wiring is not only a safety hazard, but they also negatively affect your workplace. Inadequate lighting can put a strain on your eyes and lead to a fatigued workforce over time. We guarantee quality office wiring and lighting installation services in Malaysia that will keep your workforce energised and let them reach their maximum efficiency.

Whether it is a big or small refurbishment project, you may need to relocate the existing PowerPoint or new additional power point. Hence, AY Office System provides this service to valued customers, to ensure our office workstation is installed properly with the “Right” wiring system. Other than installing wring system, lighting installation and air Cond wiring installation is also provided as complimentary service. Hence, this is how we ensure our customers get the “Best Value” of service.

Here are the top services we provide as a part of our wiring and lighting installation service in Malaysia:

Wiring Installation on Ceilling

AY Office System offers you professional assistance for proper cable management in your workspace. Many companies prefer cable management to prevent hazardous accidents, users tripping over cables, creating a more presentable look at their office and avoiding high maintenance costs.

Professional wiring installation on the ceiling is an excellent way to keep your office space neat and avoid potential dangers. Here are the best benefits you will get from proper wiring installation on the ceiling:

  • Cable management is key to creating an orderly infrastructure. Cables hanging off of the racks or lying around the rooms can be dangerous trip hazards, especially for those traversing the cables to reconfigure connections. Tangled cords are prone to sparks and overheating. And the issues can easily spread through your office building. We can save you from these issues with our professional wiring installation services in Malaysia.

  • With our clean and orderly ceiling wiring installation, you can increase your office’s troubleshooting efficiency. It will make regular electrical maintenance much more convenient. And you will easily find the cables that need to be repaired or replaced.

  • Neatness counts when you want to make your work environment more comfortable for your employees and the guests who may stop by during working hours. Cables can be messy. But our experts with our top-notch wiring installation on ceiling services can keep your workplace clean and increase productivity.

Lighting Installation

Since the majority of people are most productive during the day, it only makes sense that our office lighting should mirror natural light. With our professional lighting installation services, you can map out a plan to create a positive vibe at your workplace. We will advise you on everything from which lights would be best for you to where to install them.

And of course, our experienced experts will help you install those lights with the utmost care, so you can enjoy their benefits for the longest. Here is why getting a professional Malaysia lighting installation service is important:

  • Your grim and dimly lit office will discourage your employees from giving their best. Many experts have established a direct correlation between the vibe of your office and the productivity of employees. We know what type of lights work the best for commercial spaces.

  • Your employees may not notice it but working in a dimly lit room puts strain on their eyes. When the issue builds up over time, it will only lead to a fatigued workforce who would not have the energy to perform to their maximum efficiency.

  • Adequate lighting is vital when there is heavy machinery involved in your workplace. Dimly lit areas coupled with a lack of awareness can result in accidents and flickering fluorescent lights and can trigger people who suffer from epilepsy.

Office Workstation Wiring

The efficiency and effectiveness of your workforce depend on many factors, including how you organise your workstation. Managing the cables of their laptops, monitors, and phones is one of the most frequent problems employees have to deal with. And that is why we offer the best Malaysia wiring and lighting installation services.

We specialise in creating comfortable working conditions with Malaysia office workstation wiring. We apply useful solutions, such as cable ducts to ensure an aesthetically pleasing arrangement of cables. Regardless of your media ports and number of wires, we will make sure to provide users with easy access to media during crucial events, like meetings. Here’s how we can help with your office workstation wiring in Malaysia.

  • The cables and wires across your desk surface will only create chaos and hinder access to essential devices. Plus, they are not aesthetically pleasing at all. We help solve this problem by hiding all the wiring in vertical and horizontal wire trunkings.

  • To avoid unnecessary breaks and distracted participants, we will provide you with media ports equipped with many power sockets, internet sockets, and USB ports. It will ensure good conditions and provide all conference tables with easy access to media.

  • With cable outlets, cable ducts, and notches in the sliding tops and desktop edge, we will ensure you enjoy an aesthetically pleasing and functional cable arrangement for all your devices.

Malaysia Wiring And Lighting Installation Service 

Being amongst the leading Malaysia office furniture and Malaysia wiring and lighting installation companies, we are highly engaged in providing supreme quality office workstation wiring, ceiling wiring and lighting installation services. Our trained professionals are familiar with all the latest development and technology in the industry. They specialise in rendering these services to the individual needs of our clients. Our work comes with complete customer satisfaction guarantees.

No matter how complex your wiring system is, our experts have the tools to handle it with utmost care. We know the value of your time and money. So, when you do business with us, we never have to stress about hidden charges or delayed work. Therefore, if you are looking for reliable professionals for wiring and lighting installation in Malaysia, contact us today to book your appointment!