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In recent times, it looks as if there are as many different types of desks as there are people in the earth (okay, perhaps not that many, but there are a large number of desks). From an ergonomic viewpoint, that is a very good thing. A desk is most of the time the central component in an office space. It is also where you are most probably spending most of the time of your work day. So it really makes sense to invest a significant amount of time into determining what your ideal desk will look like.

Here we have mentioned some tips on finding the perfect desk for your office, which will surely help you in getting an appropriate desk.

Keep your Working Style in mind

The initial thing to take into consideration is how you will be using your desk. Do you usually work on your computer? Do you deal with lots of paper? Or is it a mixture? Regardless, discover what your style of working is prior to starting your search for your ideal desk. This will make sure that whatsoever desk you end up settling on, will line up with your everyday work patterns.

Consider Configuration: it’s important!

There are several different kinds of desk configurations you can go for. You will be spending lots of time at the office desk so be assured that you choose a desk configuration style that is suitable for your ergonomics. A quick tip to decide your perfect desk height is to stand next to it and hold your arm at 90-degree angle. If your hand relaxes on the surface simply, you have found your perfect desk height. Don’t forget to think about the ergonomics of the chair associated with your desk. Kinds of desk configurations comprise U-shape, L-shape, corner desk, and centre of the room. This tips on finding the perfect desk will be extremely helpful to you.

Remember the Space you can give to the office desk

The sum of space you have for an office desk area will limit your choices even further. Do you have a huge workplace or do you work out of your small building? Fortunately, there are a lot of choices in both situations. You are free to look at exclusive desks for a big place of work, or compressed desks for a smaller workplace.

Concerning space, you will also want to understand how much surface area you require for a desk. Will there be lots of electronics and cables on your desk? How much storage space would you like at the desk?

Carefully choose the Surface of your desk

Taking your working style into consideration, think about which material you would want your desk to be. The most regular ones are metal/steel, laminate, wood and glass. If you are doing work that needs applying pressure to the desk a strong wood desk is most suitable. On the other hand, if you will mainly be using a computer to work a shiny metal or glass desk is perfect.

As you were carefully reading this blog, I hope you will be able to narrow down what your ideal desk will look like. Now you can visit our office furniture section to find out your perfect desk.

Office renovation is undoubtedly an ideal way to bring life into a workplace. It’s a smart way to make a good impression on potential clients. But it requires careful planning to improve various features of an office. That’s why it’s prudent to deliver this gigantic responsibility to the reputed professionals. Their smart tips for office renovation will make your office interior stunning.

Well, in this blog, we have gathered a few office renovation tips offered by them. And in 2020, it has been observed that many people are embracing these for their offices. So, let’s have a look at the smart tips.

Smart tips for office renovation offered by the experts

Explore the smart tips for office renovation in the continuing segment.

Add modern office furniture

Office furniture plays a pivotal role in renovating the workplace. It can increase business productivity. So, considering these, you must incorporate stylish furnishing items. The experts always suggest incorporating office furniture that suits your business.

Change the floor

Does your office have the same flooring since the time of opening? If yes, then the time has come to switch it up. Changing the floor may give your office a new professional appearance. However, carpet is a popular choice in this respect. But choose the quality material that suits your office. Or, you can also opt for vinyl flooring.

Break up spaces with office partition

The open office environment can increase collaboration among the workers. So, considering this, you should install office partition breaking down the wall. This approach will give your entire workspace a synergetic feel. The employees will feel more apt because of the welcoming atmosphere.

Get the walls painted

A fresh coat of paint brings a huge difference in your business premises. But before you decide the color, emphasize the atmosphere you want to create in your office. You may want a calm environment or prefer a sleek and organized atmosphere. However, choose the right color that conveys your office environment you want to create.

Pay attention to lighting

Good lighting is a crucial element of a well-designed office. You might have furnishing items in your office, but these will never shine unless you opt for the right lighting. Besides, making your office interior look more professional must be taken into consideration. Hence, you can install adjustable LED overhead lighting. But the best way is to let the natural light in.

Update your office ceiling

An updated office ceiling comes with several advantages. This makes it easy to build up office partition. Besides, you can save your air condition costs with this approach. Well, you can opt for a strip ceiling that is waterproof and resistant to heat. Moreover, it will give your business premises a new look.

Well, these are the tips that many people are embracing for office renovation in 2020.

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We, AY Office System, can renovate your office with these smart tips mentioned above. We also offer furnishing items at an affordable price. All our products are high-quality. So, no more wait! Call us to renovate your workplace.

6 Smart Tips to Choose the Right Office Furniture

There is no gainsaying that the office furniture has a significant impact on the efficiency of a workspace. It plays a pivotal role in increasing the productivity of a business. Therefore, when it comes to choosing office furniture, one needs to consider several factors.

Are you looking for quality furnishing items for your newly built office? Then you must read the entire blog first. Here we have given some helpful tips to choose the right office furniture with ease. So, keep scrolling down!

Guidelines that help select furniture for your office

When it comes to arranging your new office, choosing the right furnishing items is crucial. And these must suit the need of your employees. However, the tips given below can help you choose the right furniture.

1. Choose the appropriate style

You should choose the office furniture that reflects your company’s image, brand, and personality. For instance, if you are in an executive position, you will not go for the ordinary desk and chair. You would choose the elegant items that suit your position.

2. Measure the workspace

It’s crucial to measure your office space before purchasing furniture. But unfortunately, many people ignore it. And when the office furniture arrives, they find it doesn’t fit in the space. Hence, it’s better not to take any risk. After all, you are going to invest in the furnishing items. So, take a measurement and make sure that it is correct.

3. Take storage space into your consideration

Naturally, an office needs more storage space. It comes in the form of filing cabinets, bookcases, side tables, and so many. So, before you purchase these items, you must consider the additional room left. And it is a must that the storage items you would choose should match the other office furniture.

4. Paying attention to comfort

It must be the top of your shopping criteria list. However, as a business owner, you need to make sure that your employees are working in a comfortable working environment. Many people are suffering from stiffness, neck ache due to the uncomfortable furniture, and heavy work pressure. As a result, they feel lethargic that can directly impact the productivity of your business. Hence, you should pick the office furniture that provides comfort to the fullest.

5. Make a list of your needs

It’s desirable to make a list of your basic requirements. This list must include a computer, printer, fax, telephone, etc. After making it, think about the type of office furniture that you would place. A consultant, for example, needs file cabinets to protect sensitive information. On the other hand, if you are a graphic artist, you need a large table for a computer.

6. Think about the files and supplies

Don’t forget the other elements that you need in your office. A desk piled with files and supplies is not suitable for working. Hence, you should use the drawer and cabinet to keep everything organized. You may also need the locking file cabinet to keep your essential documents secure.

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These smart tips will help you choose the right office furniture without any hassle. However, if you want to make your purchase, we are available to you. We offer office furnishing items at an affordable price. Visit our website to explore our collection and place your order.

Buying office furniture is undoubtedly a crucial investment for any business. It can change the interior look of your office and defines the quality of service. But these furnishing items wouldn’t stay new in the long run. Regular wear and tear lead them to depreciate quickly and may force you to replace them often. That is why you need to keep these under proper maintenance for their long life. Moreover, the employees feel motivated when they find well-maintained office furniture in their office.

However, if you want to keep your office furniture look like new, you must follow its maintenance tips. And this is the topic we have discussed in this blog. So, keep on reading to explore!

Office Furniture Maintenance Tips

Take a look at the following tips to keep your office furniture look and feel like new.

Use A Desk Pad Or Blotter

Writing on a paper on the desk may cause unintended scratches and marks. It happens especially with a wooden desk. But you can protect it by using a desk pad or blotter. It can act as a layer of protection between the desktop and the writing utensils. It helps keep your desk looks new for a prolonged time. You can also use coasters underneath hot and cold beverages.

Opt For Chair Mats To Avoid Wear And Tear On The Floor

Rolling around the office chairs may cause extensive damage to the floor. It doesn’t matter whether you have positioned your workstation on the tile or wooden floor. The chair casters cause the office floor to deteriorate. But don’t worry! You can use chair mats to prevent this problem. It is suitable for any workplace as it comes with various styles, sizes, and shapes.

Keep The Office Furniture Out Of Direct Sunlight

Hot temperature and direct sunlight cause irreparable damage to the furniture. It includes the melting of plastic materials, warping of wooden desks, discoloration of chair upholstery, etc. Hence, you need to keep your office furniture at a cold temperature to increase their lifespan.

Keep The Furnishing Items Clean And Organized

You must keep your office furniture clutter-free and clean. Besides, regular cleaning can make the furniture look like new. Similarly, keeping your desks well-organized will make these appear cleaner.

Get The Office Chair Bolts Tightened

Naturally, the screws of ready-to-assemble furniture become loose over time. And it happens especially with the office chairs. However, you can prevent this breakdown by getting the chair bolts tightened every six months. That’s why you should purchase the office furniture from a trusted supplier where you will get a warranty on the furnishing items.

Well, this is how you can maintain your office furniture. But it is a must to buy these from a trusted supplier.

Nowadays, many people purchase office furniture from reputable online stores. You can also opt for this option. Here, you will facilitate varieties of office furniture at a nominal rate. Now, read the following lines to find a trusted online store.

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You can contact AY Office System. We offer quality office furniture at an affordable price. Aside from this, we also help you set up your workspace. So, visit our website to explore our collection and place your order.