Things To Take Note When Installing Air Conditioner For Your Office

Things To Take Note When Installing Air Conditioner For Your Office

If you’re thinking or considering installing air conditioners for your office space, you’ll first need to consider plenty of things for your premises. That’s because among many things, the installation of an air conditioner is an extremely important consideration, especially here in Malaysia!

If you require installing a commercial air conditioner together with the service of a wiring technician, it is always advisable to rely on renowned air conditioner service providers for all your requirements right from installation to maintenance. They will not only eliminate your stress but save your precious time by installing the AC unit as per required guidelines!

In this article, we’ll explore the key factors you’ll need to take note of and consider before installing your office’s air conditioner as well as where to find a great service of installing air conditioner and wiring technician in the Klang Valley!


Things To Take Note Of When Installing Air Conditioners For Your Office


i) The size of your office space

First and foremost, it is crucial to calculate the exact size of the commercial property. Commercial properties like offices may require an increased amount of power to fulfil cooling needs. In order to prevent any wastage of energy and short cycling, you must install the correct size of unit for your building’s premises.

The larger the premises, the higher the number of AC units you will need to get installed. Professionals from a good installing air conditioner provider will assess load calculation to decide the correct size and number of units for a given commercial premises.


ii) Consider the condition or the installation of your air conditioner duct

You must have your ductwork evaluated by a professional before installing an AC unit. According to experts, inefficient or old ducts may leak nearly 20 percent of cool air. A professional technician will check the existing duct system and suggest if you need renovations, improvements or adjustments. If the premise is too old, it may need new ductwork!


iii) Thinking about the needed air conditioning sizing

One of the most important initial steps for installing air conditioner is to make sure you select the right size of air conditioning unit. When we talk about the size, we are referring to the power in kW or the horsepower of the air conditioner unit.

There are many factors that can impact on the size that you’ll need. Some of them are:

  • The size of the room where it’s going to be placed
  • The insulation of the room
  • The composition of the walls
  • The type and number of windows

If you want to achieve the best efficiency and performance, you have to make sure that you install the proper power for the size of the room you want to air condition. The power of the appliance must be in accordance with the size of the room.

A very large room cannot be cooled by a device with few kW, while a device with too many kW would be wasting power in a small room.


iv) Consider the different internal temperatures

You need to consider several internal factors when installing an AC unit. These factors may have a potential impact on the ambient temperature. This applies if your office has a kitchen or manufacturing area with machines producing heat. These areas must have higher temperatures than other zones like the main office or reception area. It is also important to consider opting for zone controlled AC systems instead of centralised heating or cooling sources.


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