What are the questions you need to ask, when buy office furniture?

Scared buy the bad quality goods like office furniture? How to avoid? Just ask your supplier this few question.

As AY deal with our valued customer, we often faced a lot of question in which customer might ask. Today, we are here list what are important things a customer should ask when you buy for office furniture:

1. What is material of office table an office supplier is selling?

a. In the market, office table usually is mainly made by chipboard and the surface can be further into 3 different materials.

i. Melanie(Good Quality)

ii. PVC (Medium Quality)

iii. PU (Bad Quality)

b. Hence, customer must know which material you buy for, because different quality different price. If you bought at RM 99 or even lower through online, but office table is PU made, then this is why the price is cheap as quality is low. So, no buy cheap item; bad quality, but go for good quality at reasonable price.

2. Do they provide installation service?

3. Do they provide custom service, such as custom an office items into special size? If officesupplier provides this option, then this will be good reason you should choose them, especially you place is requires smaller size due to limited space.

4. If you want to buy a meeting table, make sure ask your supplier the size of meeting table can fit in office room and ask the number of people that can fits or you can calculate by using this formula.

5. If you want to buy office chair, make sure ask your supplier the maximum weight of a chair that can endure.

It is important to ask this, because sometime some supplier provides office chair at very cheap price, but actually the office chair can’t endure 80 kg above. This is the reason it is cheap and unethical supplier won’t tell you.

6. If you want to buy cabinets, you need to be award on 2 things:

a. For chipboard cabinets, you need to ask whether all level of cabinets can fit arc file (because in the market, there is some cabinets can’t fit arc files)

b. For steel cabinets, you need to ask on the thickness of cabinets. Some supplier is selling cheap because their steel thickness is thin. When you buy it, then you will have faced problem in future, like that cabinets such as compactor can’t move, because rail is curved.

7. How long the warranty period for each office items?

8. How long all your goods are fully installed?

It is important to ask this question, because sometime you might face problem such as your site is ready, your office items haven’t arrived. This affected your shop opening. Hence, you need ensure with your supplier for date of delivery and installation. In the market, if all your item is standard items, the period of time to be installed should be 1 – 2 week; If custom size, then need more than 2 weeks. (This is just a guideline for you, the actual time you need ask your supplier properly)

However, after reading our article, you know how to get a right office supplier but lazy to search for. then, we, AY Office System, might could be one of your choice as you come across us. To know more our service and goods:

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