What is Office Chair?

Whats is Office Chair Malaysia

Office chair is a chair mainly designed for office use. A It is chair mainly designed for office use. A Office Chair is made by 6 chair component:

Type of Office Chair Components
A Office Chair is made by 6 chair component: – The chair body – Foam of Seating – Chair Machines – Chair Handle – Gas Spring – Chair Base

Chair Body

It is the biggest part of chair, which refer to the chair component we are sit on. Office Body usually is made by wood and cover by different type of material such as Fabric, Mesh, and leather. Hence, this resulted in to different type of chair.

In Malaysia, there are 3 common type of office chair malaysia you will see in the office are

  • Leather Office Chair
  • Fabric Office Chair
  • Mesh Office Chair
Type of Office Chair Malaysia
Type of Office Chair Malaysia: Leather Office Chair, Mesh Office Chair, Fabric Office Chair

Chair Handle

Chair Handle is the handle install on the chair, and can further separated into 5 type:

  • PP Handle
  • Nylon Handle
  • PU Handle
  • Chrome Handle
  • Aluminium Handle

Seating Foam

It is refer to cushion of chair. In Malaysia, 3 type of common seating foam are:

  • Normal Density Foam Seating
  • High Density Foam Seating
  • PU Density Foam Seating

Chair Mechanism

A chair machines is chair part install under chair body, while it connecting on top of Gas Spring. In Malaysia, 5 type of chair mechanism are available:

  • Single Locking Mechanism
  • 2 Locking Mechanism
  • 3 Locking Mechanism
  • 5 Locking Mechanism
  • Multiple Locking Mechanism

Gas Spring

Also known as Pneumatic Gas Lift. is located between Chair Mechanism and Chair Base. In Malaysia, 3 type of common gas spring are available:

  • 80, mean 80 mm Height
  • 100, mean 100 mm Height
  • 120, mean 120 mm Height

Chair Base and Castor

A Chair Base is the bottom part of chair, connecting with Gas Spring. Typically, chair base can be further separated into 4 type in Malaysia:

  • PP Chair Base
  • Nylon Chair Base
  • Chrome Chair Base
  • Aluminium Chair Base

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