Which Size of Office Table Suit for Your Office?

L Shape Office Table

When a customer purchases an office item such as office table, the first thing a seller will ask is the size of the table a customer need. It is important to know which sizes of table suit customer because selling wrong size to a customer might lead to several problems:

1) No enough space to allocate office items.

2) The size of table is too small for the customers.

As a result, he or she might complaint and dissatisfied with our professional. However, in many cases, customer also don’t know which sizes they needs and this lead to wrong sizes they are ordering. Hence, this article is teaching how to purchase the Right Size of an office item – office table.

In the market, the standard sizes of the office tables are:

1. 4 Feet Width Table (120 cm)

2. 5 Feet Width Table (150 cm)

3. 6 Feet Width Table (180 cm)

To determine the size of your table, you need to look on several aspects:

1) Functionality is determining the purpose of your use of the table. For example, if your table need to put a computer to do your work, minus off the space of office table (30 cm), then the balance space for size of each table will be:

4 Feet Office Table (90 cm)•

5 Feet Office Table (120 cm)•

6 Feet Office Table• (150 cm)

In this situation, 4 feet will be too small for you, because 90 cm space is for a staff doing their things especially there is no space to put the documentation. Hence, 5 feet will be the ideal sizes for staff to doing things. Some people might say why no choose 6 Feet, the bigger the better, right? There are 2 reason why 6 feet is not an ideal size. First reason is the space problem, 6 feet table is too big, sometime customer might face no enough space to allocate. Second reason is pricing, a 6 feet table is much more expensive, hence, 6 feet table is no recommended given that limited space and budget problem.

However, when there is no any computer on your table, you buy a table is just use your staff to pack things or other purpose, then 4 feet is enough for your company.

2) Budget

When there is no problem with “functionality: aspect, then budget is an important aspect for all people. When you have limited budget go for 4 Feet Table, if your budget enough goes for 5 feet table or 6 Feet, given that your office have enough working space.

So these are the two important aspects you must take into consideration office tables that suit your office. Get the best items at a reasonable rate from our furniture store – AY Office System. Sellers can also gain assistance from our team of consultants here to purchase quality items within your budget. Wait no more, come to us today!!

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