Why Choose Tempered Glass Door For Office Door Installation Malaysia?

Why Choose Tempered Glass Door For Office Door Installation in Malaysia?

There are typically many parts of an office that require frequent repairs and maintenance – one of them is undoubtedly the door! From the breaking down of the door material itself such as cracking, chipping or rusting, the common office door can require frequent maintenance if not chosen carefully.

Today, the use of tempered glass doors for interior office doors and partitions is not just a bold and unique style of interior design that is a refreshing change compared to traditional wood or plastic. It offers plenty of visual and psychological benefits to the office and business!

In this article, let’s take a look at the benefits of using tempered glass doors for your office, and where to find one of the best office door installation Malaysia has to offer!


Benefits Of Using Tempered Glass Door For Your Office


i) Optimizes the distribution of natural light and the division of space

For years, employees have been hidden behind walls, in spaces that are either overly compartmentalized or shared among too many people, sometimes without any natural light.

The use of tempered glass doors can create a new environment where natural light is able to reach even the very center of space. Likewise, glass doors allow for the division of space, creating less enclosed areas depending on whether they are oriented towards concentration or dialog.

This contributes to a brighter, more enjoyable work space, which allows for both privacy and communication, leading to increased well-being and productivity.


ii) Gives optimal use of any available space

Tempered glass doors, paired with transparent fixed partitions, establish clear and solid spatial divisions. They allow for optimal use of the entire available area. The openness of glass doors increases accessibility and allows for personalized passageways and connections to adjacent spaces.


iii) Optimal accessibility and total transparency

Glass conveys an implicit message to staff, as well as customers and suppliers: you are committed to transparency. If you want to improve teamwork and strengthen your customers’ trust, clear and transparent tempered glass doors are excellent tools for conveying a powerful corporate message.


iv) Glass doors are great at facilitating communication

Why do interior tempered glass doors improve communication? Because we all feel more comfortable walking up to someone we can already see. It’s much less intimidating than having to knock on a closed door. Tempered glass doors and interior glass architectural walls soften these barriers by allowing for eye contact and greater control of the environment.


v) It conveys modern and elegant design

Interior tempered glass doors give the feel of architectural elegance, giving spaces a contemporary touch and are great for creating corporate spaces linked to design and quality.


vi) It is a long-lasting, economical material

In an office environment, it’s important to invest in materials that stand the test of time. The minimalist aesthetic of tempered glass doors will always have a modern touch, despite the passing of time. Furthermore, glass is extremely sturdy: it doesn’t lose colour or stain like other materials, making it a very profitable investment.


vii) It provides great UV protection

Tempered glass absorbs 65% of UV rays, giving it an SPF of around 16. You can opt for a tinted finish in bronze or grey, which will further increase the SPF of your toughened glass by blocking more UV rays.


viii) It has great impact resistance

Tempered glass doors aren’t just stronger – they’re also much more impact resistant and protective compared to ordinary glass. This makes it suitable for safety applications in many settings, such as for high-rise offices and buildings.


ix) It has excellent sound reduction

Tempered glass has almost twice the soundproofing abilities of standard glass. That’s why all soundproofing glass has been tempered and toughened, providing a reduction in noise levels of up to 60 dB. This makes it ideal for application in a busy office where sound reduction is important.


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