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What is Director Table?


A Director table is a desk or table, suitable mainly for CEO or managerial level staff. It is also known as the executive director desk or director working desk.

Moreover, we sell over 25 types of director working desks in Malaysia. At AY Office System, our collection of office desks ranges from traditional design to modern design. Hurry! Have a look at our products, and place an order now.


The feature of the director’s desk:

  • All our director desk is made of Full Melamine Chipboard

  • The minimum standard size of our director desk is 6 Feet while the biggest size is 8 Feet.

  • Customization of the size of the director’s table can be done

    • If you require a special size of a particular model, email us:

      • Company Detail: Company Name, Address and Email.

      • Product Detail: Product model, sizes, colour

Options Available:

  • FLN 2550 – Luxurious Director Office Table
  • FLV 2000 – Fashion Director Office Table
  • VOX 2400 – 8 Feet Director Office Table
  • VOL 180A – SET – 6 Feet Managerial Level Office Table
  • VSX 2100 – 7 Feet Director Office Table
  • VSL 180 A + VSP 1226 – 6 Feet Manager Office Table
  • VSL 180A – SET – 6 Feet Managerial Level Office Table
  • VBB 11 – SET – 6 Feet Managerial Level Office Table
  • VBL 44 – SET – 6 Feet Managerial Level Office Table, and there are many more.

Here are some of Director Table in AY Office System: