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Office Cabinet

Office Cabinet

What is Office Cabinet?

A Office Cabinet is a cabinets for office purpose. In other word, it is a cabinets for documentation storage purpose

In AY Office System,

  1. All office cabinets separate into 3 categories:
    • Drawer/Pedestal
      • Small size of Cabinets use for keep small staff belonging. 
    • Chipboard Cabinet
      • Made by Full Melamine ChipBoard Cabinets 
    • Steel Cabinets
      • Made by 0.6 mm thickness mild steel Cabinet
      • Type of Steel Cabinet:
        • Locker
        • Cupboard
        • Pigeon Hole
        • Filing Cabinet
        • Library Rack
        • Safety Box
        • Mobile Compactor
  2. All cabinet level can fits Arc file except for side cabinet.
  3. All cabinet come with Lock except for pigeon hole and open shelf cabinets.

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