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Rectangular Shape Office Table

Rectangular Shape Office Table

What is Rectangular Shape Office Table

Rectangular shape office table is common type of office desk in the market. The price of a standard table can be range from hundred to thousand ringgit malaysia depend on the office desk design.

The feature of office desk:

  • All Our Office Table is made by Full Melamine Chipboard (What is melamine board?)
  • All Table Top thickness is 25 mm while for table leg is 16 mm (Expect for metal leg office desk).
  • 3 office table standard sizes are available:
      • 4 Feet
      • 5 Feet
      • 6 Feet
  • If you have no idea which table sizes to choose, please have a look on ” which ideal size of office table you should buy

Here are the 20 type Best Selling office table in Malaysia:

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