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What is Office Renovation


When talking about interior design, many people deem that office and home interior design are the same. In fact, there is a difference between them: Home interior design focuses on being welcoming and livable space for homeowners; while for Office interior design, it not only focused on functionality but also the stylish of the design. In other words, an office interior designer has to be able to balance these elements perfectly while prioritizing the safety of the design.

In office interior design, the most important thing is Floor Plan Drawing. It is important because the design have to be based on the layout plan. A good layout plan must have a precise and accurate measurement. A physical site visit is a must in order to ensure the accuracy measurement of the layout.

With an accurate measurement, interior designer will do proper Space Planning. The following elements are essential when they draw a layout plan:

  1. The location of each department such as manager room, meeting room, toilets and etc.
  2. Ensuring the necessary paperwork to meet legal formalities and safety standards
  3. Convey design ideas to the client to ensure the design can suit client’s needs.
  4. Communicating with the client on progress made. If there is any alteration, the designer has to amend it immediately.
  Hence, this is why professional floor plan layout may cost up to a few thousand ringgits. In AY Office System, we separated Renovation Service into several aspects:
  1. Office Ceiling
  2. Office Flooring
  3. Office Partition Room
  4. Office Door
  5. Office Window and Blinding
  6. Build in Furniture Service
  7. Panting Service
  8. Wiring and lighting Installation Service
  9. Air Conditional Installation Service