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Proper design of office interior is vital for both customers and employees. For the staff, who spend the majority of hours at their office, it is vital to have a working space that is functional, comfortable, inviting and visually appealing. All of these factors can promote productivity and efficiency. Having a professional office interior designer in Malaysia can help you get your priorities in line and get the job done in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We know how to balance the furnishing, architecture, and lighting of your office. Our experienced experts know how to help you leave a lasting impression on your clients, who visit your business premises often. The most suitable office interior design will help you reflect the identity of your brand and its personality. It will portray your professionalism and seriousness in assisting your shareholders in the best possible way.

When talking about interior design, many people deem that office and home interior design are the same. In fact, there is a difference between them: Home interior design focuses on being a welcoming and livable space for homeowners; while Office interior design, not only focuses on functionality but also the stylishness of the design. In other words, an office interior designer has to be able to balance these elements perfectly while prioritising the safety of the design.

While designing a workplace, designers have to make sure the design is practical and it mirrors what the associate had in mind for their office. In-office interior design, the most important thing is Floor Plan Drawing. It is important because the design has to be based on the layout plan. A good layout plan must have a precise and accurate measurement. A physical site visit is a must in order to ensure the accurate measurement of the layout.

With accurate measurement, interior designers will do proper Space Planning. The following elements are essential when they draw a layout plan:

  1. The location of each department such as manager room, meeting room, toilets, etc.

  2. Ensuring the necessary paperwork to meet legal formalities and safety standards

  3. Convey design ideas to the client to ensure the design can suit the client’s needs.

  4. Communicating with the client About the latest progress made. If there is any alteration, the designer has to amend it immediately.

Hence, this is why a professional floor plan layout may cost up to a few thousand ringgits. In AY Office System, we separated Renovation Service into several aspects:

  1. Office Ceiling
  2. Office Flooring
  3. Office Partition Room
  4. Office Door
  5. Office Window and Blinding
  6. Build in Furniture Service
  7. Panting Service
  8. Wiring and lighting Installation Service
  9. Air Conditional Installation Service

Here are our services in more detail:

Office Ceiling: Our office interior design experts offer mainly two types of office ceilings, Strip ceilings and Suspended Ceilings. Strip ceilings add a modern look to your office, and they are also waterproof and heat resistant. A suspended ceiling, on the contrary, is cost-effective, easier to install and reduces noise in the office.

Office Flooring: Carpet and vinyl are two of the best Malaysia office flooring options you can get from our interior designers. Carpet flooring is a cost-effective option that is non-slippery, and also helps reduce noise. Vinyl flooring is suitable for places that get wet frequently, like pantries, due to its moisture-resistant qualities.

Office Partition Room: Our office partition room services offer three different types of board partitions, such as Frameless Glass Partition which is great for privacy, Aluminium Frame with Glass Partition, and Gypsum Board Partition. An aluminium frame with a Glass partition offers an extra level of protection for your glass partition. And Gypsum board partition is a great cost-effective alternative to Aluminium Frame with Glass partition.

Office Door: The most common types of Malaysia office doors include Frameless Glass Tempered Glass Door, Aluminium Frame with Glass Doors, Aluminium Sliding doors, and Nyatoh Plywood Door. These doors are highly durable and also cost-effective. They are also available in a range of beautiful colours.

Office Window And Blinding: We offer a range of high-quality windows and blinding to reduce sunlight, provide privacy, and look more attractive. From our office furniture shop in Malaysia, you can order a vertical window blind, roller window blind, Venetian window blind, and PVC strip curtain blind. Our window blind collection is cost-effective and perfect for adding sophistication to your office.

Build In Furniture Service: Our office interior designer in Malaysia offers two types of Build in Furniture services, including kitchen cabinets and a built-in wardrobe, filing cabinets and a reception centre. We use water-resistant material to build the kitchen cabinets to ensure you get the most out of your investment. We keep our built-in furniture services flexible, so you can pick out your favourite colours and suitable material for your office.

Painting Service: Our professional painting services in Malaysia not just include painting the exterior and interior of your office, but also help you decide which type of paint would be best for your office, based on your budget and time frame. We will offer you several choices of painting brands which will deliver effective and long-lasting effects.

Wiring And Lighting Installation Service: We have years of experience and professional expertise in offering wiring and lighting Installation service for offices in Malaysia. We can help you with wiring installation on the ceiling, lighting installation, and office workstation wiring as well. Whether it is a big or small refurbishment project, or you just need to relocate your existing PowerPoint, you can count on us!

Air Conditioner Installation Service: We offer professional air conditioner installation service for wall mounted ACs, ceiling cassettes, and ceiling exposed conditioners. Wall-mounted air conditioner installation is the cheapest option, while ceiling cassette is known for delivering increased cooling and heating. But to lift air vertically into the unit and discharge treated air horizontally, ceiling exposure is your best option.

We also have an office renovation shop where you can find all your essential renovation products under one roof. If you have any further queries regarding our Malaysia office renovation services or products, be sure to let us know!